New Release: AirTag Wallet

We’re back with another trackable smart wallet designed for easy access and slim storage. The AirTag Wallet has all the features of our best-selling flagship wallet, now with a perfect spot for Apple’s AirTag. Effortlessly pinpoint your wallet’s location from your smartphone, ring to find it, and receive separation alerts. Your AirTag slips easily into the dedicated pocket of this wallet for AirTag so you’ll never lose a wallet again.

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AirTag Wallet To Never Lose your Stuff

This minimalist AirTag wallet comes with a special pocket on the back specially designed to store your AirTag tracker. Now you can easily integrate your tracking device into our best-selling slim wallet without fear of it falling out or getting broken. This minimalist AirTag wallet lets you use Find My and allows your friends to help you find your stuff.

AirTag allows you to track your wallet from your smartphone and pinpoint its location on a map with amazing accuracy. You can also choose to get separation alerts, so you’re warned if you move too far from your AirTag wallet, and even ring your wallet from your phone, all within the Find My ecosystem.

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Best Slim AirTag Wallet for Front Pocket Carry

This slim AirTag wallet fits perfectly in your front pocket and is designed to maximize your carry while minimizing your bulk. Unlike normal bifold wallets, this wallet with AirTag slot can fit 12+ cards in a fraction of the space and still be slim enough to fit easily in any front pocket.

The AirTag Wallet also comes with fast-card access, also known as pop-up cards. Access all your cards using the thumb trigger so you don’t need to waste time digging through pockets or card slots, just click and go.

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MagSafe AirTag Wallet with RFID to Prevent Theft

Nowadays, one of the biggest dangers facing our wallets is wireless theft. With contactless payment systems and constantly evolving technology, it’s becoming increasingly easy for skimmers to hack your cards and access sensitive information.

This AirTag trackable wallet actively fends off wireless theft through RFID-blocking engineering that stops machines from being able to read your card. Any cards placed within the aluminum inner cavity receive total protection from any form of skimming.

airtag wallet, wallet for airtag, minimalist airtag wallet, wallet with airtag slot, airtag leather wallet

AirTag Leather Wallet Made From Ecological Leather

This wallet for AirTag is made from environmentally sourced and naturally tanned leather in order to make our wallets as humane and ecologically safe as possible. Full-grain, naturally tanned leather is considered the best because it can form a patina over time. This leather is also water and dust proof so it can hold up to any conditions.

As you use your new AirTag leather wallet, it will gain a distinct character, otherwise known as a patina, which is characterized by a soft sheen and supple feel. This means as your AirTag Wallet ages it becomes entirely unique to you.

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