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Apple is always launching cool new gear that brings all your most important accessories into a seamless ecosystem, with MagSafe being the big new thing. MagSafe refers to a special type of magnet that exists in Apple devices that lets you add things like MagSafe wallets, chargers, and more. But if you don’t have an iPhone, your access to these gadgets is severely limited. Until now. Ekster MagSafe stickers are your one-stop-shop to use all the MagSafe tech you want. Simply attach the sticker to the back of your phone or tablet to make your device compatible with MagSafe technology, so easy. Read on to discover how Ekster MagSafe stickers can upgrade your daily carry in a couple easy steps.

man holding phone with magsafe sticker in right hand and magsafe cardholder in his left hand


If you’re a non-iPhone user then you know how annoying it is to be left out from all the cool gear that Apple makes. Since they have in an interest in converting everyone to their devices, it’s no wonder that most of their accessories are only compatible with iPhone. Luckily, we found a work around so you can have the phone you want and use Apple stuff, too. Ekster MagSafe Stickers are the best MagSafe compatibility product for non-iPhone users because they give you access to the MagSafe ecosystem no matter what phone you’re working with.

Man attaching a magsafe cardholder to the back of his phone using a magsafe sticker


Ekster MagSafe Stickers make any phone compatible with all Apple MagSafe products and here’s how. MagSafe refers to a special configuration of magnets in the back of iPhones and other Apple devices that lets magnetically attachable accessories click on and off. The magnets are placed in a circle so that accessories can be secure while also being easy to remove. But if you tried to add a MagSafe accessory to the back of an android for example, it just wouldn’t stick. Ekster MagSafe Stickers are fully compatible with all MagSafe accessories - just put the sticker on the back of your phone and now you can attach whatever you want.

Man attaching magsafe powerbank to the back of phone using a magsafe sticker


If you’re getting anything with Ekster, you know it’s going to have a sleek, minimalist design. Not only are the Ekster MagSafe Stickers your way to access the entire MagSafe ecosystem but they also have a low-impact, minimal design that won’t disrupt your phone’s overall vibe or take up too much space. Adding an Ekster MagSafe Sticker to the back of your phone will only increase it’s size by a couple millimeters and you can easily choose a MagSafe accessory that takes up little space, too. Ekster’s other MagSafe accessories are more minimalist than Apple’s and use stronger magnets.

A phone with magsafe sticker and a magsafe cardholder lying on top of an iPad.


One of the major concerns about MagSafe accessories is the possibility of them falling off and breaking. Thankfully, Ekster’s MagSafe Stickers use super strong magnets - even stronger than Apple’s, in fact - and have an added extra security measure to prevent unwanted slippage. Ekster’s MagSafe Stickers are built with an anti-slip silicone grip for extra secure attachment so your accessories are less likely to fall.

Man holding a magsafe carholder in his left hand and a phone with magsafe sticker in his right hand.

If you’re a non-iPhone user looking to get access to the best new iPhone accessories, then go grab some Ekster MagSafe Stickers and start using the MagSafe ecosystem today. You’ll get access to awesome gear like MagSafe wallets, portable powerbanks, stands, and more without needing to switch devices. We’re so certain you’re going to love it that you can try everything risk-free for 45 days with free shipping over a certain amount.

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