New Release: The Camo Collection

Our design team is always looking to military and aerospace industries for inspiration. From 3k Carbon Fiber to 6061-T6 Aluminum, these sectors are always pushing the boundaries for innovative materials. That's why our newest collection pays homage to this source of inspiration with classic military patterns. Inspired by nature and perfected by people, The Camo Collection offers an intuitive slim design and modern features in 4 new camo colorways.


Limited Edition: Digital Blue Camo Wallet

This limited edition colorway is named after one method for creating camouflage patterns. Digital or machine-engineered camouflage is fast replacing traditional camouflage by using algorithms to generate pixelated patterns that are suited to specific terrains.

This algorithm-generated blue camouflage creates a unique pixelated pattern for a sleek yet modern aesthetic. Watch out though, only 500 items in this colorway will ever be printed, so grab yours before stock runs out.


(Don’t) Blend In

Contrary to its original purpose, this camouflage pattern stands out in a sea of mundane wallets. Inspired by nature and perfected by humans, our newest collection of camouflage cardholders offers 4 unique colorways: Classic Camo, Army Green, Digital Green, and the limited edition Digital Blue.

The classic camo replicates a traditional camouflage pattern that is drawn by hand, while the digital colorways use the machine-engineered method adopted by most modern armies. Both offer a unique aesthetic that stands out without being garish.


Military-Grade Performance

A camouflage pattern isn’t the only thing army-inspired about this wallet. The camo cardholders are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, a metal developed by military minds during the 20th century that is heat tempered to maximize the natural strength and durability of aluminum.

This camouflage wallet is incredibly durable, strong enough to withstand the weight of an average car while maintaining its shape. Even though aluminum is weaker than steel, it actually outperforms steel under impact loading because of its flexibility.


Easy Access Smart Wallet

The camouflage cardholders outperform other trigger wallets every time thanks to a passion for high-quality materials and smart design. Our patent card-ejection mechanism gives you fast access to all your cards at the click of a button, meaning you’ll never fumble at checkout again. Just click, pop, pay.

Designed to save you time, our camo wallets are proven to save up to 4 minutes a day. Though it may not seem much at first, 4 minutes a day is 24 hours a year. What would you do with that extra day?


Slim Design For Streamlined Carry

Nobody wants bulky pockets, but with the credit, debit, travel, ID, and gym cards jammed in your bifold, it’s hard to avoid. The camo cardholders organize the contents of an average 7 pocket bifold into a fraction of the space. With room for 6 cards in the cardholder and up to 12 in the backplate, you’ll never have to sacrifice storage for size.

A thinner wallet also prevents back pain from sitting on something in your back pocket (which can cause spine misalignment), and can comfortably fit into your front pocket making it harder for pickpockets to access.


Unparalleled Data Protection

The number one job your wallet should be doing is protecting your finances are personal information. The camo wallets have integrated RFID protection that prevents hackers from accessing the personal data stored on contactless cards.

The RFID blocking layer prevents skimmers from using small card reading machines to steal confidential information that can be used to duplicate credit cards, make purchases, and even steal your identity.


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