Our Favorite Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Wallets for Men & Women

Finding the perfect wallet is already hard work. How many card slots you want, which material is the best for your needs, and of course price all come into consideration. But for those of us who are also environmentally conscious and always on the lookout for products that meet our ethical standards, finding the perfect eco-friendly wallets is almost impossible. Luckily, Ekster is a brand that offers the highest quality sustainable wallets that not only fulfill all your wallet needs but also make you feel good knowing you’re doing something to support the environment.


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What are eco-friendly wallets?

Eco-friendly wallets are also known as sustainable wallets or ethical wallets and herein lies the definition. Whether made from low-impact versions of potentially harmful materials or from completely recycled or plant-based materials, eco-friendly wallets are wallets that are made in such a way that leave the smallest impact on the environment. This involves the material as much as the production, packaging, and general ethos of the brand.


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How to spot sustainable wallet brands

As previously mentioned sustainable wallet brands take their commitment to the environment far beyond just marketing. When looking for sustainable wallet brands it’s important to look at the business from top to bottom since production, factories, transportation, packaging, choice of materials, and internal company values all play a big part for a brand’s environmental impact.

True sustainable wallet brands will be transparent about how they make their products, with which materials, in which factories, and have clear statistics about their impact on the environment, such as water and paper usage and their carbon footprint. To find out more about Ekster’s sustainable manufacturing practices, check out our sustainability page.


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Best Ethical Leather Wallet: The Parliament Wallet

One of our favorite sustainable wallets is this go-to ethical leather wallet, the Parliament Wallet. This ethical leather wallet is made from environmentally certified leather that uses the most advanced water-saving technology. The result is a buttery soft material that is indistinguishable from actual leather.

The Parliament Wallet holds 1-12 cards with 6 in the RFID-protected inner cavity and up to 6 more in the remaining card slots. There is also room for some folded bills under the cash strap. The best part? You can access your cards at the click of a button with the fast-access thumb trigger.

Price: On Sale for $62

Shop The Parliament Wallet here.


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Best Ethical Metal Wallet: The Aluminum Cardholder

Another one of our best-selling eco-friendly wallets is the Aluminum Cardholder wallet. This ethical wallet is made from sustainably sourced aluminum that has a low environmental impact. Because the Aluminum Cardholder is designed to be used for a long time, you can reduce your need to buy another wallet.

The Aluminum Cardholder is a slim, ethical metal wallet that holds 1-15 cards with 6 in the RFID-protected inner cavity and up to 9 more in the expandable metal backplate. You can also store cash in the metal backplate or under the cash strap. To access cards in the data protected cavity, simply press the trigger card button to grab cards faster and easier than ever before.

Price: On Sale for $55

Shop the Aluminum Cardholder here.


Man removing a card from an aluminum cardholder wallet.


Find the Best Sustainable Wallet Brands

If you’re committed to shopping sustainably, look no further than Ekster. Our sustainable manufacturing practices are top-rated and backed by a B-Corp certification. We achieve carbon neutrality by investing in carbon credits to help support projects around the world that remove carbon from the environment. When you shop with Ekster, you can rest assured that your purchase is going towards something good for yourself and for the planet.

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