Often hidden in the shadows of our flagship Parliament smart wallet, the Senate Cardholder has become a crowd-favourite in recent months. At just 0.3 inches thick, it’s the slimmest leather wallet on the market, which primarily piques the interest of the masses. We weren’t satisfied with just having the world’s slimmest wallet. It needed to look good and function better than any other option on the market. In order to make that happen, we made sure that our wallets had hidden internal functions that put them in a class of their own. As an ode to the Senate, we are offering a 30% coupon on all Senate Cardholder variants, with and without a tracker.


The Senate Cardholder is a secured credit card holder for the minimalists out there. It offers room for 7+ cards/cash and has integrated RFID protection technology to keep your cards and personal information safe. The design of the Senate Cardholder was inspired by three goals: Creating a cardholder capable of storing 10 cards, being the slimmest men’s wallet available, and looking exceptional enough to be a trendsetter in modern men’s style. Guided by these key principles, during the design process we wanted to create an ultra slim wallet sleek enough to fit in your front pocket instead of the back where bulky ones are always placed. The challenge of that was making sure our wallets were slim but not flimsy. We also knew that it required a modular design that allowed our customers to add and remove features, such as the tracking card.


It wasn’t easy to ensure that the Senate was a slim smart wallet when taking into account its ultra-slim footprint. We needed to integrate our patented card ejection mechanism to ensure maximum storage with minimum bulk. That ejection mechanism also manages to remove layers of leather between cards found in traditional wallets, so it’s not a feature that adds any unnecessary bulk. The other aspect of designing a new wallet was ensuring that it was built for the modern world. That’s why we offer fraud security through RFID tech, another feature that doesn’t compromise the slim and sleek exterior design.

Just as important as the look of a wallet is the actual feel and even though they use less leather than other products, our wallets still feel comfortably soft, being made out of top-grain Dutch leather. In fact, having a modular design allows users to decide how thick they want their wallets to be, which is why the Senate is sold with both a pocket and cash strap option. The Pocket Strap is a multi-purpose storage strap designed specifically for the Senate cardholder. This stretchy storage strap allows for large sums of cash or card storage without adding significant bulk to your cardholder. The back pocket is perfectly fit to store the Ekster Tracker Card or any scanner card of choice. The Cash Strap is the minimalistic version of this, without the back pocket designed for only those emergency storage situations or extra card space. These add-ons are designed to hold extra bills, cash, cards, keys or the tracker card.


One other interesting fact about the pocket strap is that the band's elasticity allows you to store more cards than with our Parliament slim wallet. The space between the inside of the pocket strap and the cardholder shouldn’t be overlooked, because it can serve as a helpful storage space for things like business cards and a secret emergency cash stash. We’ve even seen people use the base of the Senate as a beer opener, though we, of course, can’t officially advise our customers on that but still appreciate their industriousness.


Much like the bird that inspired our company’s name, humble beginnings have never held us back. We named our company Ekster after the Dutch word for Magpie, a bird that often hides its high intelligence, and has a taste for finding and protecting shiny things. Just like this bird, we wanted classically attractive leather products jam-packed with hidden technology to easily access and protect important everyday valuables. This avian-inspired background is also where the names of our wallets come from. Parliament is also what a flock of magpies are referred to in the wild. Naturally, the Senate stemmed from the Parliament in our classic collection.

The holiday season may be over but the gift of a super slim wallet is one that anyone will appreciate any time of year, especially with Valentine’s Day coming soon. That includes yourself, so don’t hold back from owning the slimmest wallet in the world. For the next 24 hours we are offering all variants of the Senate Cardholder at 40% off using code: "SENATE-30"

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