Are Metal Wallets Good? The Pros & Cons of a Metal Wallet

Most every man you know carries a wallet of some sort with them at all times. They are used to hold some of the most important items a man could need throughout any given day. Everything from their gym card to their license and credit cards will be kept inside their wallet for the purpose of keeping them safe, organized, and close at hand for when they are needed.

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You may notice that it is not very often that you will see two men with the exact same type or style of wallet. Traditionally, most wallets are made from leather, as it is a very tough material, while still allowing for flexibility to conform to the rear end, as they are mostly carried in back pockets. But, with their flexibility also comes the downside of having plastic cards damaged much more quickly than if they weren’t being bent and sat on every day.

So, wallet makers have been making wallets from metals, like aluminum, steel, and even titanium, to offer more rigid, safer spaces for your all-important cards. However, they aren't going to be suited for everyone, so let’s dive in and discover a few pros and cons to carrying these more modern, minimalist wallets.

Metal Wallet Pros And Cons

There are different advantages and disadvantages of carrying a metal wallet. So, in order to help you decide if metal wallets are good, let’s delve a little into the different positive and negative reasons you may or may not choose to carry one.


  • Toughness. Wallets made from metal, or with metal interior frames, are known to be extremely durable and usually last their owners for years. Metal wallets are not only water-resistant, but they are also highly resilient against damage from dropping or other types of shock traumas. They won't rip or tear, obviously, and they have varying degrees of ability to withstand crushing weights and bending, depending on the type of metal they are constructed from.
  • Size. Metal wallets tend to lean more towards the thinner side, which makes them ideal for carrying in the front pocket as an everyday wallet. Did you know you can throw the hips and spine out of their natural alignment whenever you sit on a bulky wallet? Carrying a smaller metal wallet can even help with the back pain that can be caused by sitting on a bulky card, paper, and cash stuffed leather wallet. Not to mention that carrying a smaller wallet will make it easier to reduce wallet clutter and make it easier to find exactly what you need quicker due to their minimalist style and design.
  • Smooth, nonstick surface. If you have ever carried a wallet on a hot day or ended up accidentally in a pool or river with your wallet still in your pocket, you are already aware of how damp leather can have a tendency to stick inside the pocket. With metal wallets, they do not absorb moisture, and therefore will not give you this issue. Even if you dive in a pool with it in your pocket, it will still slide right out of the pocket with minimal effort.
  • Style. The nearly futuristic looks of many types of metal wallets make them a fashion statement in and of themselves. The beautiful colors and texture in the leather cased metal frame wallets. The slim, clean profile and the metallic colors of all-metal style wallets can definitely bring to mind some very “Back To The Future” vibes. And who among us didn’t want to grow up to be Marty McFly?

    Cons of Metal Wallet

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    Well, since it's not a pro vs. con list without the cons, we’ll take a brief look at what could be some potential negatives to using a metal wallet.

    • Sharp edges. Some metal wallets are stamped from sheet steel or cut with some sort of high strength metal cutting device, which can make some rather clean-cut and even sharp edges. Nothing that should be any real danger, but likely not very comfortable in the event that it jabs into your thigh when you sit down.
    • Potential for damage to other items. Metal wallets are designed to be tough and rigid. Therefore they won't be the one to give if they were to come into contact with other objects, say your phone, in your pocket. Also, they can cause your pants to become worn out quicker than they would otherwise by scratching into them.
    • Potential for damage to the wallet. If you keep a metal wallet in the same pocket as you keep your change or other metal objects, the finish and look of the wallet will likely change over time. This is due to the other metals hitting and rubbing against the surfaces of the wallet. Carrying it in its own pocket is an option, but you only have so many pockets, right?
    • Weight. Metal wallets, especially those made from heavier, more durable metals, can tend to be heavier and more noticeable when carried in a pocket, also leading to more rapid wear and tear on the clothing materials. They can possibly eventually tear through the bottom of a pocket and end up lost; unless your wallet has a tracking card in it, this could be an absolute headache that you definitely do not want to have to nurse.

    So, Should You Get A Metal Wallet?

    Well, that depends entirely on you, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences, really. If you like the idea of carrying only the necessary cards and such you would need throughout the day in a safe and secure way, then maybe a metal wallet, like our aluminum cardholder, is something to seriously consider. Some people work in some pretty tough environments, where their clothes don't tend to have a long lifespan. Having the peace of mind that their valuable items are safe and secure in their pocket would be a nice comfort in a stressful environment even though the weight and hard angled edges could contribute to added wear.

    Now, if you prefer the feel or even the smell of the leather and carrying more items around inside of it, you may want to stick to the tried and tested leather wallet. The Ekster’s modular wallet is a classic bi-fold style, made from premium leather and includes an easy to remove magnetic card sleeve. This wallet gives you the ability to carry more than just the essentials, while still being lightweight and functional.

    Whichever wallet type you choose, you want to be sure it is crafted from quality materials and isn't going to do unnecessary harm to the planet we all call home. Some manufacturers are even crafting high-quality wallets from all recycled materials that will last the user for many years. And longevity is definitely something you want to get out of your wallet because nobody likes breaking in a new one!

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