The Best Gift For Every Family Member

The worst kind of gift is one that never gets used. It's annoying to waste money on some junk, but it's better than showing up for the holidays empty handed! This year we made it simple for you to find a perfect gift for every member of the family. From the over-preparer to the free-spirit, we've got a gift to simplify, streamline and sweeten every type of lifestyle.

The Over-Preparer

You know an over-preparer when you see one. They’re the one who labels everything, has a super organized house and an immaculate google calendar. They inspire jealousy because of their stream-lined life and ability to juggle a million things at once.

Here’s the gift for them: Laptop Sleeve

It’s got a pocket for everything essential: mouse, wires, notebook, pen, cards, cash and laptop. Designed for ultimate organization and ease, it fits in perfectly with the over-preparers ultra coordinated life-style.

The Free Spirit

The last time you spoke to them they were somewhere in South-East Asia, or what is picking strawberries in Spain? You can’t remember because they are always on the move, experiencing new places, cultures and activities. What the Free Spirit lacks in preparation, they make up for with passion…

Here’s the gift for them: The Tracker Card

Even though you don't know where they are, they know where their wallet is. The Tracker Card makes any accessory, from wallet to laptop sleeve, practically unlosable {link here to Tracker Card user manual or blog}. This device is perfect for people who care more about the living than the worrying, but also want to keep track of their things.

The Heavy Packer

While you can manage with just a carry-on, they usually have several checked bags. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; some of us just like to bring everything along! The over-packer is something who feels more comfortable knowing they have everything they may or may not need - it’s a way of life.

Here’s the gift for them: The Modular iPhone 12 Case

Phone, wallet, tracker and cardholder - all combined into one! The Heavy Packer will free safe and stress-knowing all their essentials are in one place, are globally trackable and RFID protected. What's great about the modular iPhone 12 case is that each component; the cardholder and folio, are detachable and can easily be removed or added at a moments notice without transfering cards and cash between accessories.

No matter who you're buying for, we've got an upgrade for the whole family!

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