The Best Rigid Wallet that Protects Your Credit Card Data and Cash

When it comes to protecting your cards and cash, nothing does it better than a rigid wallet. This type of wallet is marked by a minimalist design that focuses on physical and digital safety. Strong materials and smart cardholder designs keep your cards safe from being bent or broken and RFID protection protects you from wireless theft of your sensitive data. The best rigid wallet is designed to be compatible with a modern lifestyle with a slim profile, adequate carry capacity, and high-performance materials. Find out why more and more men are ditching their old wallets and switching to this sturdy style.

Rigid wallet, men rigid wallet, best rigid wallet

What’s so great about a rigid wallet?

A rigid wallet offers better protection than normal wallets, plain and simple. Rigid wallets are made from high-performance metals like aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. This evolution of the wallet comes hand in hand with a societal shift away from cash and towards digital and card payments. More and more people are switching to slimmer, more minimalist cardholder wallets as they carry less and less physical money on a daily basis. And since these wallets are designed mainly for cards, protecting those cards is extremely important.

Read on to discover the top benefits of the best rigid wallet.

Rigid wallet, men rigid wallet, best rigid wallet

Rigid Wallets with Durable Design

Ekster’s Aluminum Cardholder is a men’s rigid wallet made from a space-grade metal known for incredible durability. This rigid wallet is slim, lightweight, but super strong, so your pockets aren’t made heavy or bulky while giving your cards the protection they deserve. Your cards stay well out of harm's way inside the patented cardholder so they never get bent or damaged. This specially designed fast-action cardholder keeps cards from scratching together as well.

Rigid wallet, men rigid wallet, best rigid wallet

Trigger Card Rigid Wallet that Makes Payment Faster

Ekster’s patent fast-access trigger mechanism is one of the features that makes it the best rigid wallet. While many men's rigid wallets are minimalist cardholders with interesting ways of getting cards in and out of the wallet, few do it as quickly or with as much class as the Aluminum Cardholder. To get cards your cards out of the protective cardholder that makes this the best rigid wallet simply press the trigger button and cards are ejected in a smooth, staggered manner so you can easily get what you need and go.

Rigid wallet, men rigid wallet, best rigid wallet

Protect your Card Data with the Best Rigid Wallet

If you’re one of the many people who now mainly carry around cards instead of cash, getting pickpocketed is no longer so much of a threat. Sure you end up losing the cost of your wallet and the time it takes to replace your cards, but it’s unlikely you’ll actually lose any of the money from your bank account. But there’s another danger to cards that can only be stopped with a rigid wallet: RFID skimming.

If someone steals your card, you can cancel it before they can use it or mark it as stolen and get any charges refunded. But if the data stored on your card is stolen without you knowing it, someone could be hacking into your online bank account or even stealing your identity before you even know anything is wrong. The best rigid wallet stops this from happening by using RFID blocking that prevents the possibility of wireless theft.

Rigid wallet, men rigid wallet, best rigid wallet

Conclusion about Rigid Wallet: Is this the style for you?

If you’re someone who only carries around your essential cards and maybe a folded bill or two, then a rigid wallet is right for you. This is equally true if you’re someone who is concerned with protecting their online data and identity. With Ekster’s best rigid wallet, The Aluminum Cardholder, you get complete RFID protection from wireless and identity theft so you never have to worry about your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Not to mention this men’s rigid wallet is made from space-grade aluminum so yours will also never get bent or broken. If you’re looking for the best rigid wallet, look no further.

Get the Aluminum Cardholder today and first-time customers receive a free cash clip at purchase! Try it risk-free for 45 days and get a 1-year warranty, with free shipping and returns.

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