The Difference Between Minimalist and Regular Wallets

Wallets have been around since the invention of physical tender but their design has remained remarkably consistent, until now. Most wallets are little more than a lumpy behemoth, collecting used gift cards and old receipts like a paper grave yard. And while a bulky, many-pocketed, leather bifold might make sense for people who enjoy carrying around a filing cabinet, most people just don’t need that much in their pocket. Luckily, this is where minimalist wallets come in. These slim-designed wallet replacements fit everything you need on a daily basis into a much smaller space that doesn’t allow you to accumulate wallet trash. But minimalist wallets are much more than just a skinny cardholder, read on to find out.


Smaller Size

The main difference between minimalist and normal wallets is size. Minimalist wallets are designed, you guessed it, to be minimal. This means pairing down the design, removing unnecessary bulk, and maximizing carry while minimizing size.

Many minimalist wallets are little more than a cash clip while others almost resemble a Swiss army knife. This is because minimalist wallets come in many different forms that cater to many different lifestyles. Some want a multi-tool that can come in handy when camping, while others just wants a sleek cardholder for their most used debit and credit cards. Whatever your lifestyle there is a minimalist wallet out there just for you.


Better Organization

Minimalist wallets offer better organization by discouraging the collection of wallet trash, like small bits of paper or used gift cards. These slim wallets also manage to fit the same amount of cards as a normal wallet, around 12-15 plus room for cash.

Minimalist wallets are able to provide the same carry capacity in a smaller amount of space thanks to smart design. Instead of keeping cards in staggered card slots like in a normal bifold, minimalist wallets organize cards into a vertical stack that can be accessed at the click of a button, easily fanning out cards. This helps keeps the frame sleek and trim, fitting easily into front pockets and small purses.


Designed for Performance

While minimalist wallets may embrace “having less” in terms of size, they actually tend to “have more” in terms of functionality and performance. This new breed of wallet caters to modern needs and changes of how we interact with money, namely the digitization of financial transactions.

Minimalist wallets are often made from metal and offer modern protection and functionality. In the age of mainly digital transactions, wireless theft and identity theft pose a huge threat. Minimalist metal wallets remove at least one danger by blocking RFID, making it impossible to access the data stored on the cards in your wallet. Minimalist wallets also outmatch normal wallets in terms of ease: most minimalist wallets have pop-up cards, making it so much easier to get the right card without digging through tight leather card slots. And some minimalist wallets are even trackable, coming with a tracker that allows you to track your wallet on a map.


A minimalist wallet can be the perfect first step in slimming down your everyday carry. It can also be the perfect gift for anyone who has carried around the same bulky wallet forever. If you’re looking for your next minimalist wallet, check out Ekster’s range of environmentally-certified leather, vegan leather, and metal wallets.

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