Straight from the heart of Europe, a release for those who have made the urban jungle their home. The Metro 52 Edition is a tribute to the movers, the ones always reaching for the next big thing. Sharing a name with Amsterdam’s most infamous metro line, this drop embodies the hustle of metropolitan life and the struggle to make it up the ladder of the concrete jungle.

Metro 52 was a controversy going all the way back to 1968. The public saw this project as the potential downfall of Amsterdam. Experts deemed the weak soil and canal-heavy infrastructure as completely unfit for any type of underground construction. The term metro became almost taboo, and plans to go through with it resulted in riots. Despite undeniable resistance, Metro 52 was pushed into action thirty years later. The line took over twenty years to build, and today it connects the city from North to South. It’s a quintessential success story, encapsulating the struggle to evolve to the big-time.

This edition is inspired by the story of Metro 52, and of Ekster. While our hearts are in Amsterdam, our minds are in New York, which was once known to the world as New Amsterdam. It’s hard to believe that the most metropolitan city in the world started off as a humble Dutch trading post, but the influence is undeniable. For us, it’s been a journey from Amsterdam to New York, which thousands of our users call home. From one Amsterdam to another, we’re bringing the Metro 52 edition to the Big Apple and beyond.

The Metro 52 Edition wallets are designed to take whatever the world throws at you. Weaving streetwise urban appeal with classic luxury leather, the Metro 52 Edition showcases our most rugged wallets yet. Water-resistant. Dirt-proof. Rubbery feel for better grip, with the same quick card access that’s become our hallmark. In a world where every second counts, we’re making sure you have more of them, which is also why this collection includes our tracker cards. Our Worldwide Platform and Bluetooth tracking make the Ekster Metro 52 Edition the perfect choice for hectic urban life, making sure you’ll never lose your wallet (and if you do, someone in your network will find it). There’s no wallet better suited to big city life than an Ekster.


Each wallet in the Metro 52 Edition is named after a place in New York. Each place is rooted in Dutch history. Just as New York was first New Amsterdam, the entire history of New York is intertwined with the Netherlands. Haarlem became Harlem. You might know Brooklyn as Breukelen. Greenwich was once Grenen Wijk. We’re paying homage to this historic link with a callback to these connections through the Metro 52 Edition: the perfect blend of class, urban outlook, and luxury streetwear.

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