Top 3 Tips To Get The Best Black Friday Deals

We all remember what Black Friday looked like a couple of years ago. It was squeezed into one frantic day a year plus plagued with long lines and stampeding shoppers. But times have changed. Now you can find Black Friday deals starting as early as November 4th and all of the best deals are online. There’s no need to remind you that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means many people don’t want to shop in person anyways - as if the human stampedes weren’t enough of a deterrent. But finding the best online products can be daunting and certain websites masquerading as brands can be filled with scams. So this holiday season, avoid the scammers, drop shippers, and make sure you get the most out of your (virtual) wallet.

1. Don’t be fooled by good advertising

It’s getting easier and easier to construct a website, product photos, and marketing strategies that give the impression of a top-notch brand. But that which sparkles doesn’t always shine, so a little due diligence can go a long way in making sure you get the best quality and price.

If it’s this easy to fake a high-quality brand how will you know who to trust? There are a couple of ways to verify a brand’s quality but our next point is the best way to find out.

2. Check customer reviews

Anyone can spend money on photo shoots, good-quality website interfaces, and influencer marketing, making it look like their products are the best around. But the one thing that’s really hard to fake? Customer reviews.

Third-party sites like Trust Pilot offer unbiased reviews from loads of customers that will tell the real story of whether products are worth the money. If genuine people are leaving good reviews you can almost guarantee the quality.

4. Buy your gifts early

You’ve probably already heard that another unfortunate effect of the ongoing pandemic is a massive breakdown in global supply chains. With countries going in and out lock-down, travel laws constantly changing, and new regulations popping up every day, many companies are months behind on production. Not to mention the effects on shipping delays.

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to start shopping for holiday presents right now and make sure you have ample time to get those deliveries before the celebrations start!

Of course, instead of doing all that research, you could just stay on this site. Ekster is literally a one-stop shop for every person on your list. And if you don’t believe us just take a look at our Trust Pilot score (4.6 stars!)

To make it even easier, we’ve compiled a list of our best-selling products and who is guaranteed to love them.

The Ultimate Gift Bundle

Get the ultimate EDC upgrade in one discounted bundle:

  • 2 Slim trigger wallets in aluminum or leather
  • 2 wallet trackers that make your wallet unlosable
  • 2 Ekster cash clips for spare bills
  • 2 premium gift bags

Price: $315 -> $173

The Parliament Wallet

This is our flagship slim smart wallet built to save you time:

  • RFID protection
  • Trigger wallet card access
  • Slim design
  • Fits 12+ cards and cash
  • Premium Italian leather

Price: $89 -> $62

The Carbon Fiber Cardholder

This military-grade wallet is made from 3K carbon fiber and comes with fast-card access.

  • RFID protection
  • Ultra-durable metal frame
  • Slim design
  • Fits 12+ cards
  • Expandable backplate

Price: $79 -> $55

The Laptop Sleeve

This is the ideal protective laptop or tablet holder with discrete inner pockets for all your accessories.

  • Space for mouse, cords, pen, notebook, and more
  • Luxurious leather exterior
  • Microfiber interior to protect your tech
  • Secure magnetic closures
  • Slim expandable profile

Price: $109 -> $76

About Ekster

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We started with upgrading the traditional leather wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now, we're taking on the rest of your essentials to make each day easier for you.

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