Top 6 Gifts for Men

The Best Gifts for Any Man: Stylish, Useful and High-Quality

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for a man in your life, you can’t go wrong with a perfect combination of style, function, and quality. This helpful article gives you six great ideas for gifts that any man is sure to love. These well-made gifts are sure to up his style game while making his day-to-day life easier. Don’t settle for a knick-knack that will end up on a shelf or a cheaply made gadget. Instead, give a high-quality gift that will last a long time and make a man’s life better.


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1. A Phone Case That Doubles as a Wallet

A great gift for a man is one that makes his daily tasks simpler and easier. Since a phone and wallet are both essentials found in every man’s daily carry, a good phone case is a great gift idea. The market offers various options ranging from Apple Phone Cases to Samsung phone cases and more brands.

And then there's the trend around phone wallet cases. Why not put the two together to save pocket space and keep things minimal? This is where Ekster’s iPhone cases come in. They’re made from premium leather, giving your phone a major style upgrade. The cases double as easy-to-use wallets, perfect for storing cards and cash. If you’re giving a gift to a man who tends to lose his stuff, Ekster’s iPhone cases are a perfect option. Using an Eskter case means one less item to lose, plus a great-looking protective shell for your phone.

A bulky wallet can ruin your look by making your pants look rumpled and disheveled. If you’ve noticed that a man in your life is carrying around an old, oversized wallet that is constantly making his pants look ill-fitting, Ekster’s wallet case is a perfect gift for him. The cases are compatible with the iPhone X, XS, and iPhone 11, and come in multiple colors.

2. A Laptop Sleeve that Holds all the Essentials

For a man who’s always on the go, a good laptop case is a must. The trusty laptop is a core component in daily life for many men, used throughout the day for work, communication, and entertainment. A man’s laptop is one of his most essential tools, so it deserves a reliable carrying case.

Some laptop sleeves and cases only make room for the computer itself, leaving no extra space for accessories like a charger, mouse, earbuds, notebook, or other essentials. This dramatically reduces the function of the sleeve and means you need another bag or backpack to hold the rest of your gear when working on your laptop. Fortunately, Ekster has a solution to this storage issue because they’re experts in organizing your daily essentials. With their high-quality laptop sleeves, Ekster offers the modern man a multi-function briefcase that can carry a 13” laptop, its charger, mouse, and any other necessary accessories comfortably.

3. A Smart Tracker Card to Make Gear Unlosable

For men prone to losing their important items, Ekster’s smart tracker card is a perfect gift. Roughly the size of a credit card, the Ekster tracker can be easily slid into a wallet for easy location when it gets misplaced. Losing your wallet is no fun, especially when you’re in a rush, and the smart tracker card lets you ring your wallet from your phone, so you can get out the door on time next time you forget where you left your wallet. The tracker can also be stored in a bag or laptop case to easily locate it.

If you’re traveling and worried about your gear getting lost or stolen, a tracker card is a lifesaver. The card allows you to locate your lost gear via GPS if it is too far away to ring. This means you can travel and go on your daily journey without worries. The Ekster smart tracker card (or two) is a perfect gift for any man.

4. A Classy, Updated Take on the Timeless Wallet Design

Many men hold onto their old, ugly wallets for decades out of force of habit. A wallet is both a tool and an accessory, something a man carries around with him every single day. It’s not something to compromise on quality with, but many men do simply because life moves fast, and years can fly by without a wallet upgrade. This makes a good wallet the perfect gift for any man.


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The Modular bifold wallet by Ekster is stylish and modern, taking the classic bifold wallet design and updating it for today’s fast-paced world. It offers a man the perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and function, with a sleek, minimalistic design. The Modular bifold has a detachable magnetic card holder inside, perfect for traveling light. Plus, its multiple cardholders are all RFID-protected, keeping a man safe from the risk of identity theft.

If you’re giving a gift to a man who’s been hanging onto an old wallet and might not love change, the Modular bifold is a perfect upgrade for him. It’s classic and familiar enough to satisfy the purists, but altogether innovative.

5. Need a Stocking Stuffer? Grab a Stylish Cash Clip

Every man needs a cash clip in his arsenal, whether it’s in his everyday carry or used as needed. While many men might not use cash on a daily basis, a cash clip is a must when traveling. Using a cash clip instead of a wallet when you travel keeps your profile low and helps you avoid pickpockets. Plus, if you’re giving a gift to a man who works in the service industry, he’ll benefit from the use of a cash clip for easy storage of tips.

Ekster’s stylish cash clip is the best on the market, able to hold all the cash you’d need to carry, or even be used for cards. When minimalism is a goal in a man’s life, having a cash-carrying mechanism that is simple and discrete makes all the difference. The Ekster cash clip is a perfect stocking stuffer, too, the ideal add-on for a great wallet.

6. A High-Tech Smart Wallet, Perfect for the Modern Man

A departure from the old-school bifold design that most wallets adhere to, Ekster’s Parliament wallet is a fantastic gift for the modern man in your life. It’s a surefire way to upgrade his style and simplify his life. Sleek, slim, and highly functional, the Parliament wallet is both a fashion statement and utility.

The parliament has a multipurpose strap for cash storage and stands out for its ability to safely store cards and eject them for easy access. With multiple RFID-protected card slots that fan out your cards with the push of a button, the Parliament reinvents the wallet. Plus, it can be easily equipped with a smart tracker card to make it impossible to lose.


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Best of all, the Parliament wallet is small enough to avoid pesky pocket bulge but packs a major punch in the storage department. With space for more than ten cards, cash, and a retractable and collapsible design, the Parliament is truly a smart wallet.

The accessories a man carries with him each day can have a major impact on his confidence. Giving the gift of a high-quality, stylish wallet, laptop sleeve, phone case, or smaller gadget to pair with all these can make life simpler for any man and boost his productivity and presentation. The famous expression, “Clothes make the man,” should be modified to say, “Clothes make the man, and so do his accessories.”



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