Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

The men who you choose to stand by your side on arguably the most important day of your life are guys you’re bonded to through and through. They’ve been there with you through thick and thin - college hazing and first day jitters, job rejections or big promotions - these are your boys for life. So don’t scrimp on a gift that will last about as long as their high school fling, your groomsmen deserve something that, like your friendship, will stand the test of time. Look no further for the best groomsmen gift ideas that are unique, useful, and they’ll want to use every day.

Man's hands holding an Ekster Parliament Wallet with cash clip and tool card.

Best Gifts for Groomsmen

It can be hard coming up for gift ideas for groomsmen, but sometimes a classic is the best way to go. Every man needs a solid, everyday wallet that makes him feel like a million bucks and works well. But an average bifold is just a bit too “meh”. Try one of Ekster’s smart trackable wallets for a useful groomsmen gift that has a little more oomph.

Mans hands holding a green Ekster Aluminum Cardholder and matching iPhone.

The Most Useful Groomsmen Gifts: Trackable Aluminum Cardholder Wallet

Ekster’s trackable aluminum cardholder wallet is the perfect example of useful groomsmen gifts that they will want to keep using. Forbes called it, “the quickest, most practical wallet”. This slim wallet fits 12+ cards in a minimalist frame but takes up less than half the space of a normal bifold, thin enough to fit in your front pocket. It comes with a fast-access trigger button to make his life easier and has built in RFID data protection. But the best part? You can add an Ekster Tracker Card to make this wallet unlosable. Your buddy can find his wallet on a map or see the last place he left it at the click of a button using his smartphone.

Top Features:

  • Fast-access trigger wallet
  • RFID data protection
  • Slim with huge carry capacity
  • Fits in his front pocket
  • Tracking and anti-loss features

Man removing card from brown leather Parliament wallet from Ekster.

Leather Groomsmen Gift Ideas: Ekster Parliament Slim Wallet

For gift ideas for groomsmen that are a little more classic, Ekster also has a modern leather wallet with a traditional vibe that Business Insider called “the best smart wallet”. This thin leather wallet carries up 10+ cards in a minimalist body that takes up a fraction of the space of other wallets. It comes with modern features like fast trigger wallet access that makes grabbing your cards easier than ever and RFID data protection that stops wireless theft. Plus, it has a perfect spot for Ekster’s Tracker Card so you can give your groomsmen the gift of a wallet that is impossible to lose.

Top Features:

  • Made from premium leather
  • Fast-access trigger wallet
  • Slim and carries 10+ card
  • RFID data protection
  • Trackable with anti-loss features

A black Aluminum Cardholder wallet and iPhone with MagSafe Cardholder wallet laying on a desk.

The Most Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Whether you want to give your groomsmen a wallet or not, Ekster’s Tracker Card is by far one of the most unique groomsmen gifts because it can be added to anything you want. It fits perfectly inside any Ekster smart wallet but can just as easily be added to a briefcase, backpack, suitcase, or even a phone.

Man holding a slim leather trackable wallet in his left hand and an iPhone showing the wallet's location in his right hand.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts: Ekster Tracker Card

The Ekster Tracker Card takes the cake as one of the most unique groomsmen gifts because not only is it a cool piece of tech but it comes with unique features that other tracking devices can’t match. The Ekster Tracker Card is super small, the size of a credit card, so it can slip easily into any item you want. Plus, unlike other trackers, it’s solar-powered with 3 hours of sun equaling 2 months of charge. You never have to worry about carrying extra batteries, chargers, or cables for this guy to work perfectly. Connect the Tracker Card to your smartphone to find your items on a map, see the last place it was, or even receive separation alerts.

Top Features:

  • Bluetooth tracking device
  • Solar-powered (zero batteries)
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Small and discrete tracker
  • Find items on a map
  • Receive separation alerts

Man holding a slim leather wallet and tracker card for wallet in his right hand.

Find Useful Groomsmen Gift Ideas with Ekster

Whether you’ve known them for a couple of years or since you were both in diapers, your groomsmen are your boys for life and they deserve something worthy of that loyalty. When it comes down to your special day, they are going to do everything they can to make it as smooth as possible, so get them all unique groomsmen gifts that make every day a little easier with Ekster. Shop now to grab the best EDC essential gear and get special discounts during our sales periods.

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