Wallet Organization - How To Keep Your Wallet Organized

Your wallet is probably your most used accessory and takes up valuable space in your pockets or jacket. You might often find yourself struggling with an over-stuffed wallet, vowing to clean it out when you get home, only to forget until the next time it becomes a problem. As more and more cards, bits of paper, coins, and bills gather in your wallet, your wallet’s size and your ability to use it efficiently plummet. This can lead to stressful and embarrassing situations in checkout lines and at restaurants, but luckily there are a couple of easy ways to put this problem to bed. Check out our ultimate guide to keeping your wallet organized and easy to use.


Pictured are a man's hands, in his right hand he is holding a brown Ekster Parliament Wallet and with his left hand he is removing a card from the wallet.

    1. Keep Your Coins Somewhere Else

      Depending on where you live, having coins always on hand is becoming less and less important every year. In our daily lives, there are usually only a couple of places where we really need to have coins. This could be in your office break room for vending machines, in your car for cheap drive-through orders, or by the door so you can tip your food delivery person. Considering this, weighing down your pocket with a bunch of metal discs seems kind of silly. For the best wallet organization, instead of having coins with you at all times, keep a small amount in the couple of places you will actually use them.

        2. Minimize Your Wallet

          Minimalist, slim wallets are the way to go if you're wondering how to keep your wallet organized. These smaller, more efficient wallet styles make it harder to collect random bits of paper and make it so you only carry what you truly need. Ekster’s smart slim wallets come in a variety of styles and materials so you can choose your perfect capacity in the color and material you like best. Try the Modular Bifold if you like the bifold style but want something a bit slimmer. For something even more modern and minimalist go for Ekster’s flagship Parliament Wallet, named by Forbes as “the smartest wallet ever”.

            3. Ditch the Paper

              It’s becoming easier and easier to do away with paper receipts altogether. Most places nowadays can send you a digital copy of your receipt, and with the advent of internet banking, you can see exactly how much you spent and where without needing to collect a receipt at all. If you're wondering how to keep your wallet organized, collecting receipts in your wallet is the worst thing to do, as it essentially turns your pocket into a paper waste bin. Do yourself a favor and only keep receipts if you really need them and never in your wallet.

                4. Keep Only Essential Cards

                  It seems like everywhere you go, someone is trying to give you another card. Whether it’s a rewards program at your favorite store, your gym membership, or the latest travel card - the number of cards in your wallet seems to be always growing. Using a minimalist slim wallet to carry cards means you only have space for the essentials - one debit, one credit, an ID, and whichever other you use almost every day. Check which of your cards can be transferred to your phone and plan a bit in advance so you don’t have every piece of plastic taking up space in your wallet.

                    5. Always Use a Bill Holder

                      The way most bifold wallets are designed, cash ends up taking up more space than it truly needs to. With layers of cloth and leather folded on each other, you're losing precious centimeters due to an outdated wallet design. A slim, cardholder wallet is the best choice for wallet organization because it gives you space for all your essential cards and efficiently stores small amounts of cash in under the cash strap for easy access. Besides the fact that carrying around loads of cash can mean devastation if your wallet is lost or stolen, it also adds extra clutter to your wallet that you’re better off without.


                      Pictured are a man's hands holding two wallets. In his left hand he is holding a leather bifold wallet that is visibly thicker than the wallet in his right hand. The picture shows how much thinner Ekster's Modular Bifold is than other bifold wallets.

                      If you’re really serious about being a more organized and efficient person, your most-used accessory is a good place to start. Your wallet is your daily companion and your wallet organization says a lot about you. Having good wallet organization starts with choosing the right kind of wallet, one that doesn't effortlessly attract bits of paper and other clutter. Choose a wallet that actively helps reduce the amount of junk you’re carrying in your pocket at any given time. A minimalist wallet from Ekster will help you slim down your pockets, reduce tug on your pants, and let you access everything in your wallet at the click of a button, saving you time and stress. Don’t wait to join the growing number of people switching over to the smart wallet revolution - get your Ekster wallet today.




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