What Is An AirTag Wallet & How Does It Work?

Tracking technology has greatly evolved over the last couple of years and now is becoming more easily accessible to everyone. If you have the option to track your wallet, why not do it? Losing your wallet, or even just misplacing it, can be a time-consuming nightmare that ends up costing you money. AirTag wallets are the newest type of trackable wallet that makes it super easy to never lose your wallet again. But what is an airtag and how does it work? In this article, you will learn how easy it is to install a tracker to your wallet and finally answer the question: “what is an airtag wallet?”

A man's hand is holding an Ekster black airtag cardholder wallet, in the background there is an Ekster black laptop sleeve and key tracker

Trackable Wallet with AirTag

People have been trying to figure out how to keep track of their wallets since the moment wallets existed. For something that carries all your money, your ID, and countless other crucial cards, it’s a pretty vulnerable accessory. That’s why when trackable wallets hit the market, they hit with a bang.

There are many types of trackable wallets, but airtag wallets are the newest. Airtags are small trackers that can be used on anything - keys, bags, and of course, wallets. About the size of a watch battery, they can be difficult to add to smaller accessories like keys and wallets without some kind of special holder. Some have tried shoving their airtag into a card slot or even the money pocket, but it leads to a misshapen wallet and risks falling out.

A man's hand is holding a black airtag wallet, in the background we see a black camera and cash clip lying on top of a black laptop sleeve.

What is an AirTag Wallet?

Airtag wallets are wallets that are designed with a special pocket just for airtag so that it stays secure and doesn’t fall out. You could technically add an airtag to any old wallet, but it’s more likely to fall out or damage your wallet because of its shape.

Airtag wallets come in a variety of styles and materials, just like any type of wallet. In the next section, we will cover our top two Airtag wallets, how they work, and what makes them special.

A man's hands, in his left he is holding an iPhone and in his right hand he is holding a black airtag cardholder from Ekster

AirTag Cardholder

The Airtag cardholder is an aluminum cardholder wallet with space for 1-15 cards. Because it’s made from space-grade aluminum, it’s incredibly durable, weather-proof, and easy to clean. The Airtag is held in place with a silicone band that is specially designed so your airtag never comes loose. This wallet also comes with fast card access - simply press the button to eject cards, checkout has never been easier!

A black cash clip and a black airtag wallet are lying on a grey concrete surface

AirTag Wallet

The Airtag wallet is a slim leather wallet with space for 1-12 cards and cash. It’s made from top-grain American leather that ages beautifully over time. This wallet has a fast-access trigger button that pops up your cards so you don’t have to dig through tight card slots. The Airtag fits securely into a specially designed pocket on the back so it’s never in danger of falling out.

A man's hands, in his right hand he is holding a black airtag cardholder and with his left hand he is removing a card from the airtag cardholder

What is an AirTag Wallet and How does it work?

Airtag uses tracking technology to add any item you like to the FindMy ecosystem so you can track it from your phone, iPad, or laptop. Besides consolidating all your trackable accessories in one place, Airtag has a bunch of other benefits. Airtag wallets have incredibly precise tracking accuracy, long battery life, and features like separation alerts so you get a reminder if you leave your wallet behind.

Airtag wallets are super easy to use and install. Simply pair your phone with the AirTag you want to use and label it “wallet”. Once paired, place your airtag into the special pocket of your airtag wallet and double-check it is secure. To test if it’s on and working, just open your FindMy app on your phone and locate the label with “wallet”.

a man's hands holding an old leather bifold wallet in his left hand and a slim airtag wallet in his right which is significantly smaller than the bifold

Having a trackable wallet is a modern-day must that can save you the hassle of recouping the losses of a lost wallet. With such easy and affordable technology at your fingertips, investing in an AirTag wallet is a no-brainer. Airtag wallets help in a pinch when you’re running out of the house and make finding your wallet super easy if you do ever lose it. Just remember that adding an airtag to a random wallet can end up being useless if their airtag comes loose or falls out. That’s why it’s always better to go for a certified airtag wallet with a dedicated spot for airtag. Try one of Ekster’s airtag wallets 45 days risk-free and never lose your wallet again!

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