What Pocket Should I Keep My Wallet In?

Is there really a best place to hold your wallet? You want someplace easy to access but where your wallet won’t fall out and hopefully hidden enough to deter pickpockets. Most people carry wallets in their back pocket, coat pocket or bag, but the best place to store your wallet is actually the front pocket, and there are a couple reasons why.

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Front Pocket Wallets

Before we get into why a front pocket is the best place to carry your wallet, let’s get one thing out of the way. Size. Everyone’s first objection is that wallets don’t fit comfortably in the front pocket of most pants, and if you’re talking about a traditional bifold then you’d be right. Luckily, slim smart wallets are quickly making that leather trifold obsolete. These minimalist wallets organize everything you need into a vertical stack with a pop-up function so you can access the contents of your wallet at the click of a button. These wallets take up less than half the space of a normal wallet and fit easily into any pocket.

Now more about the benefits of front pocket wallets.

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Where to Carry a Wallet to Avoid Pickpockets

Whether you’re on your way to work or traveling a foreign country pickpockets are common and usually good at their craft. Carrying a wallet in your back pocket makes you an easier target for pickpockets. Not only is your wallet literally behind your back, you’re also less likely to be alarmed by someone brushing past your back as you would someone brushing very close to your upper thigh. Carrying a slim wallet in a front pocket means you can keep an eye on it.

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Back Pocket Wallets Can Cause Back Pain

There’s a reason why one shoulder bags and bad posture end up giving you back pain. Because if anything is happening to one side of your back and not the other, your spine can easily become misaligned and cause chronic pain. And sitting on something unevenly can be just as bad as carrying something unevenly. If you sit everyday with a wallet in your back pocket, even a couple inches difference between your left and right side can slowly cause misalignment that results in discomfort or even chronic pain. By switching to a slim wallet and carrying it in your front pocket, you not only ditch unneeded weight but also prevent possible damage to your spine.

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Depending on your style and occupation, your everyday essentials are going to look a little different. Some people need lots of cards and cash at all times, while others might just need one or two cards for everything in their day. No matter where you’re going, carrying your wallet in your front pocket is the best way to help deter pickpockets and prevent back pain while still keeping your wallet close by and easily accessible. Discover slim front pocket wallets in different materials and colors suited to your day here.

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