You might have read about the rabid popularity of minimalism and wondered why it’s fast becoming a new ethos for life.

Whether it’s in a new office plan, graphic design style, or a new creed to live by, minimalism is being praised for taking the unnecessary energy we spend on things that don’t matter and channelling it into what actually does. After all, as more scientific studies consistently reveal our “always on/always connected” tech-infused lives having adverse effects on our psyche, it shouldn’t be surprising that minimalism has widely caught on as a way we should live by.

An image comparing a men's minimalist wallet with a traditional wallet. The simple wallet is only 0.4 inches thick, compared to 1.8 inches of the traditional wallet.

Not many product manufacturers will admit that we simply have too many unnecessary items in our lives, but at Ekster we actually agree with this sentiment. In fact, the unnecessary space that bulky wallets took in their back pockets is what lead our founders to create a minimalist wallet.

Image of a man's hand holding a bank card, with a slim minimalist wallet in his other hand.

There were many factors that lead to this design, but chief among them was the fact that in the 21st Century, it’s not necessary to carry around wads of paper currency or coins. In fact, if you consider the cards an average person uses each day, it becomes clear that older wallets are a waste of space (which also literally bend your spine in your back pocket).

Image of a man in business attire walking down a hallway, looking at the simple wallet in his left hand.

Another reality of modern life that has made older wallets a liability is the security risk from sophisticated hacking techniques. In response, we designed an RFID minimalist wallet that keeps your identity safe and significantly lowers the chance of losing your wallet thanks to our tracking cards. We knew that a simple wallet shouldn’t just look great on the outside, so by building these features into a thin minimalist wallet, we ensured that our wallets function better than your grandfather’s.

Four Ekster products showcased against a grey concrete background. From left to right; a slim wallet, a simple wallet with a cash strap, an iPhone in an Ekster case, and a minimalist cardholder.

A simple men’s wallet shouldn’t just be about style. It should be practical, and with Ekster’s minimalist men’s wallets you'll find a better way to carry around what’s most important to you on your daily commutes. The brick blocks men have become accustomed to lugging around in their back pockets should be a thing of the past, and not something men continue to accept in 2019 just because they are used to it.

There’s a better way to carry what’s important to you. We're confident that a slim wallet is the answer, and the wallet of the future.

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