What is a Chipolo Tracker: Benefits & Review

Chipolo solves the most common everyday problem of misplacing and losing your things. They design colorful item finders that connect with an app on your phone and help people find their keys, wallets, and even pets. When we set out to make our wallets easier to use and harder to lose, we turned to Chipolo to integrate their tech into our Solar-powered Tracker Cards.


Making our products easy to find was important for us as this common problem often leads to losing access to banks, public transportation and being exposed to fraud. A relatively simple solution can help avoid all of the above.

We designed a card and powering system, while Chipolo took care of the software part. They made our Ekster Tracker Card compatible with the Chipolo app. Lost your keys? Just ring them, or locate them on a map using your phone, Google Home, Alexa or Siri. You'll receive alerts if you leave them behind, and you can use the tracker to ring your phone too. Bonus: use the tracker as a remote control for group selfies.



Working with Chipolo’s team of experts has been a pleasure – they always adhere to our often difficult product requirements and are fast in executing them. If anyone would like to connect with their team, feel free to reach out to nest@ekster.com for an intro.


  • What are the features and benefits of using a Chipolo tracker for personal belongings?

    Chipolo tracker is a small, lightweight device that you can attach to your personal belongings such as keys, bags, or wallets. It uses Bluetooth technology to sync with your smartphone, allowing you to easily locate your items using the Chipolo app. The tracker has a loud ring feature that helps you find your belongings even in noisy environments. Additionally, the app records the last known location of your items, making it easier to track them down if they are lost. Chipolo tracker also has a community search feature, where other Chipolo users can help you locate your lost items. Overall, using a Chipolo tracker provides peace of mind knowing that you can quickly find your belongings when needed. 

  • What are the best features of the Chipolo Tracker for keeping track of valuables?

    The Chipolo Tracker has several standout features that make it a great tool for keeping track of valuables. Its loud and clear ringtone ensures that you can easily locate your items even in noisy environments, while the app's crowd GPS feature allows you to enlist the help of the Chipolo community in finding lost items. Additionally, the tracker's compact size and sleek design make it ideal for attaching to keys, wallets, or other small items, ensuring that you can keep track of your valuables without adding bulk to your belongings.


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