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    Ekster Cardholder

    Space-grade aluminum and carbon

    Classic Black | Aluminum

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  • (1194)
    Carbon Fiber Cardholder

    3K carbon fiber weave

    Carbon Fiber

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    Black Airtag Cardholder
    Black Airtag Cardholder
    Cardholder for AirTag

    With a custom pocket for AirTag


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    18K Gold Cardholder

    Metal button, gold plated


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Senate Cardholder Wallets

Our cardholder wallet selection redefines everyday carry. Embrace a life free from bulk and discomfort with our sleek, front-pocket-friendly wallets. It's not just about looks; our cardholders outlast regular billfolds. Plus, safeguard your cards with built-in RFID protection. Streamline your essentials in a metal wallet for a modern and timeless statement.

Carbon Fiber Cardholder Wallets

Elevate Your EDC

Amidst a sea of wallet options, Ekster offers a slim carbon fiber wallet that sets the bar higher. While others may compromise on capacity, ours defy expectations. This cardholder fans out your cards at the click of a button and the expandable metal backplate allows you to carry more while keeping a slim profile. This is our strongest and lightest cardholder yet. Holds 1-12 cards and bills.

hands and wallet
Aluminum Cardholder Wallets

Durability Redefined with

Crafted from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, Ekster's wallet offers unmatched durability. Protecting against wireless theft and physical damage, it ensures your cards stay safe while the money clip and expandable backplate add versatility to your style.

Slim Leather Wallets

Upgrade Your Carry with Ekster's

Revolutionize your everyday carry with Ekster's slim leather Senate cardholders wallets: durable, efficient, and secure. Enjoy a minimalist design that fits effortlessly in your front pocket, plus RFID-blocking technology. Elevate your essentials with Ekster's unbeatable metal wallet for organized living and lasting durability.



What kind of leather are wallets made of?

The best quality wallets are almost exclusively made from full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is derived from the topmost layer of an animal's hide. This leather is tough, resistant to wear and tear, and develops a beautiful patina over time

Why are your wallets made of leather?

Leather is an obvious choice for wallets – a material you've relied on in shoes, clothing, furniture, and even phone cases.It's a natural, sustainable resource that's soft, durable, and unique, and comes in various colours or finishes

What cut of leather is best for wallets?

Cowhide happens to be the strongest type of leather for use in wallets, bags, belts and shoes due to the uniquely and extremely tight-packed fibers in the skin of the cow.

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