Image of Morgan Oliver-Allen riding a motorcycle
Image of Morgan Oliver-Allen riding a motorcycle


Introducing Morgan Oliver-Allen:
where creativity, exploration, and embracing the unknown
converge, forging a story of self-discovery that translates into an
opportunity to redefine limits and explore new horizons.

"Owning the Unknown" is about being comfortable in discomfort, a mantra Morgan applies to various aspects of his life. Whether it's navigating the challenges of an ultramarathon, hanging from a helicopter, or diving into the creative space, preparation is key. For Morgan, it's about embracing the beauty of the unknown and taking ownership of it by pushing boundaries and letting imagination run wild.

Morgan Oliver-Allen is a modern-day explorer with a myriad of hobbies. From surfing on remote shores to running ultramarathons in new cities, Morgan's pursuits extend to road biking, backcountry skiing, and skydiving with over 2000 jumps. Finding creative joy in building and customizing old cars and bikes, Morgan thrives on experiencing the richness of life and constantly seeks new adventures.

Image of Morgan Oliver-Allen looking towards nature with the mountains as a backdrop

"Have always set goals that were big, really big. Goals that i didn't know if I could reach, goals that I will have to push myself and dig deeper than I ever had."

In Morgan's view, life involves pursuing colossal goals that demand the best: Running the Leadville 100 ultramarathon amidst a demanding career exemplifies this philosophy. The unknown terrain of the race mirrored professional uncertainties, revealing a new level of resilience and determination. Discipline and hard work in training spilled over into Morgan's career, culminating in a transformative moment at the Leadville finish line.

It wasn't just achieving a personal goal; it granted Morgan a new perspective on life, proving that embracing the unknown leads to profound self-discovery.

Morgan Oliver looking in the forrest


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