From the people who brought you the next-generation smart wallet, comes a new era of travel gear. Our mission has always been to create better gear for people on the go, and after three years of meticulous design and testing, we are thrilled to unveil our addition to the ecosystem – the Grid Backpack. This all-terrain accomplice is the go-to protection system for all your valuable gear on your daily commute or your next adventure. Join us as we delve in and discover what makes this backpack the ultimate travel companion for globetrotters, exploring every nook and cranny, whether they're on or off the grid.


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The Backpack for On and Off the Grid

The Grid Backpack draws its inspiration from a visual philosophy used in photography and topography that is all about maximizing space usage for efficient organization. Applying this theory to your travel gear ensures you can carry everything you need in the most efficient way possible, whether you're on or off the grid, just like photographers, map makers, and interior designers have done for centuries. Be the master of your environment and ready for any adventure with a design rooted in science.

In preparation of this launch, we put our gear to the ultimate test, and who better to play a role in this than adventurer and action photographer Aaron Brimhall? From the kitchen table to the desert, Aaron lives an active lifestyle, whether he’s cross-training, traveling to his next shoot location, or picking his kids up from school. He always has his daily essentials with him. The Grid Backpack is his all-in-one sidekick during his custom car build process. Braving the most extreme conditions at -22F in the snowstorms of Hokkaido and the mind-melting heat of the Nevada desert, Aaron pushed the Grid Backpack to its limits. His verdict? "When I'm on the road, I don't have time to keep track of all my devices' batteries. This is the first power bank big enough to last me an entire shoot, even at sub-zero temperatures." Read more on Aaron’s story here.


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Here are the features that set this backpack apart from the rest

Easy Access

No more digging through your bag to find what you need, this backpack has got a trick up its sleeve. This bad boy opens 180 degrees, giving you easy access to all your gear without the digging. Slide your tech and sunglasses into the soft-lined pockets for some tender loving care, and don't forget your laptop – it's cradled in a suspended 16" pocket, safely guarded by semi-auto lock zippers. Say goodbye to jumbled cables and scratched screens, and hello to smooth sailing on your adventures.

Recycled Water-Resistant Materials

Crafted with care from upcycled PET bottles, this backpack gives a new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded. The process involves transforming recycled plastic into resilient polyester yarn, which is then expertly woven into a durable fabric that's ready to take on any adventure with you. Rain or shine, your essentials stay safe with a protective padded frame, water-resistant body material, and auto-lock waterproof zippers. Embrace the journey knowing that this backpack's durability will never let you down, making it the perfect choice for those seeking gear that's as tough as they are. Mother Nature approves, and so do we.

External Storage For Hands-free Travel

Be the envy of frantic travelers everywhere with thoughtfully designed external storage options that make bustling airports a breeze. This pack boasts outer compression straps, perfect for securing your towel, yoga mat, tripod, or even your boxing gloves. Effortlessly attach the backpack to your suitcase using the luggage pass-through strap, and with the dedicated elastic side pocket, your water bottle is always within easy reach. Ready to roam without a worry? The exterior RFID-proof side pocket takes care of protecting you from wireless theft so you don’t have to.

Internal Organization

This gear organizer comes with a dedicated pocket for every essential you’ll need for work or the outdoors. Besides the suspended laptop holder for your laptop, a separate compartment is designed specifically for your tablets and A5-sized documents. We’ve integrated two mesh pockets – one to snugly hold your laptop power bank and the other for easy access to your e-reader or notebook. For your smaller valuables, there's a soft-lined pocket where you can keep your AirPods, sunglasses, passport, and more. We’ve designed a dedicated hidden pocket to house your tracker, ensuring your backpack will always stay by your side.

Carry Comfort

We prioritize your comfort as much as we do your gear's protection. The Grid Backpack is designed for TSA-approved all-day carry comfort. Its gradation pattern adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, while an Airmesh ventilated back panel gives you extra lumbar support padding to keep you comfortable even during long treks. We've rigorously tested the backpack's comfort with different body types and heights, ensuring it's a perfect fit for every adventurer. It's been approved by renowned action photographers like Aaron Brimhall, Tom Kahler, Morgan Oliver, Brad Longworth, and Braden Stanley. The pack is available with a removable sternum strap that can be easily adjusted in length and height for added convenience and support.


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Enhance Your Pack with Modular Add-ons

The Grid Backpack is not just a standalone product; it is part of a modular ecosystem. Enhance your backpack with three specially created add-ons: the Tech Case, the Camera Cube and the Laptop Power Bank.

Laptop Power Bank

For the connected traveler who never wants to run out of power, the Laptop Power Bank is the ultimate charging solution. With an impressive 26,800 mAh capacity, it can charge up to three devices simultaneously with fast-charging output. Its smooth black aluminum casing slides snugly into the custom compartment of the Grid Backpack as well as the Tech Case, ensuring you never feel weighed down. And here's the best part – it's got spots for both USB and USB-C inputs/outputs, so it’s compatible with every charger in your arsenal. Say goodbye to battery anxiety and hello to limitless power on the go. Oh, and did we mention it's flight safe for cabin luggage? That's right – you can bring it on board without a worry. Stay connected, stay powered, and stay one step ahead of the game with the Laptop Power Bank.

Tech Case

Picture this – you step onto the airplane, find your seat, and effortlessly reach for your flight essentials from your Grid Backpack's perfectly organized Tech Case. No more fumbling or holding up the line – everything you need is at your fingertips. From chargers and cables to earphones, glasses, and more, it's all neatly stashed in stretch mesh pockets and elastic cable organizers. Plus, the 180º opening design ensures quick, easy access and storage. Made from water-resistant 400D recycled rPET and with extra padding, the Tech Case keeps your tech safe and sound while making you the master of hassle-free travel.

Camera Cube

Calling all photographers – meet your perfect companion for capturing every adventure. The Camera Cube securely protects your camera equipment with easily adjustable internal compartments that you can personalize to your exact needs. From lenses to SD cards and hard drives, it's got mesh zipped pockets to keep them all organized and easily accessible. With a semi-hard shell, rugged padding to break the fall, and exterior handles, this cube ensures your gear is safe and accessible at all times. And here's the kicker – it comes with a fully removable lid for easy oversight, making sure you never miss a shot while keeping your precious equipment snug as a bug in a rug. We've rigorously tested the backpack's comfort with different body types and heights, ensuring it's a perfect fit for every adventurer. Not to mention, it's been approved by renowned Action Photographers like Aaron Brimhall, Tom Kahler, Morgan Oliver, Brad Longworth, and Braden Stanley. Get ready to capture those moments like a pro.


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At Ekster, we're not just about innovation and design excellence; we're driven by a passion for sustainability and functionality. The Grid Backpack embodies this philosophy, setting it apart as a product that's not only practical but also environmentally conscious. Whether you're a photographer, a tech enthusiast, or a wanderer seeking impeccable organization, the Grid Backpack is your ultimate adventure companion. It's not just a bag; it's a ticket to a new and elevated way of experiencing life.

Try the Grid Backpack to unlock the full potential of your journeys. Leave behind the hassle and embrace a life where you can focus on what truly matters – exploring the world with comfort and confidence. Trust us and our ambassadors; it's a game-changer you won't want to miss.



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