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Aaron Brimhall is a Father, photographer, and adventurer that’s always looking for the next best shot. He’s known for capturing rugged landscapes, luxury cars, travel moments, and working with some of the biggest brands in the world. His work encapsulates the raw spirit of adventure like few others can. When he’s not scaling mountains or dirt biking in the desert, he can be found in an around Salt Lake City, Utah hanging with his wife and daughters or building custom cars and dirt bikes.

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Our adventure started from the comfort of Aaron's home nestled in the picturesque city of Salt Lake City, Utah. While renowned for its world-class skiing, Aaron's restless spirit never settles for the familiar. With our bags meticulously packed, we embarked on an epic journey that would take us across three planes, spanning twenty hours and ten time zones, ultimately delivering us to our new temporary haven.


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Hokkaido, our chosen destination, beckoned with its reputation as the unrivaled powder capital of the world. Here, the frigid temperatures, heavy snowfall, and dry air combine to create the most exquisite skiing conditions imaginable (if you can handle the powder, that is). Hokkaido's terrain offered the thrill-seeker in Aaron an enticing challenge, with its exhilarating off-piste and tree skiing opportunities, courtesy of its relatively low elevation compared to other ski locales.



Ever the adventurer, Aaron sought to push his limits and explore the most extreme environments, and Hokkaido's offering of crazy powder, off-piste escapades, and night skiing adventures was tailor-made for his adventurous spirit. Plus, the untouched winter landscape is a goldmine for any photographer.


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These conditions served as the ultimate litmus test for our trusty backpack, camera cube, and laptop powerbank, and the resounding verdict? Zero wet camera gear and a laptop powerbank that continued to function even in sub-zero conditions. And to top the whole adventure off? A well-deserved apres-ski onsen moment.




From urban commutes to wilderness adventures, having the right gear can make all the difference. The Grid Backpack is designed to let you get the most of daily life by keeping you prepared for the unexpected.


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Whether rain or shine, this all-in-one sidekick is ready for the most extreme weathers and temperatures, all while keeping your valuable protected with rugged weather-proof tech. Water and dust-proof materials ensure that sensitive camera equipment stays in fighting shape whether you’re in the middle of the desert or the ocean. But the Grid Backpack also has all the dedicated easy-access tech pockets and organizational features to speed up your urban commute. The add-on modular Tech Case and Camera Cube can be stored on the inside or attached to the outside for when you need extra room and it opens fully like a suitcase so you always have quick access to whatever you need.



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