The smartest wallet in the game and the best player on and off the field - how could we not collab? From Ekster and Messi comes the wallet to end all wallets: a slim, fast-paced, metal cardholder that’s guaranteed to make you look at your old leather bifold like the dinosaur it is. Ready to join the wallet revolution? Read on to find out why the Messi Wallet is the last wallet you’ll ever need.

Hand holding the Messi Wallet by Ekster

The Limited-Edition Messi Aluminum Smart Wallet by Ekster

From the makers of what Forbes called “the smartest wallet ever” comes a show-stopping collab. Ever heard the saying, “game recognize game?” We couldn’t sum up this wallet any better. The Messi Aluminum Cardholder Wallet by Ekster is a limited edition metal wallet that’s built around modern needs for life on the move. It comes with the highly-coveted official Messi Logo, in a limited-edition, never-before-seen colorway. This metal wallet makes every wallet-centered situation easier and more seamless. It lets you finesse checkout, stop thieves in their tracks, prevent losing your wallet ever again, and so much more.

Lionel Messi holding the Messi Wallet by Ekster.

Get Instant Card Access with the Messi Wallet

Whether you’re scoring the winning goal or running to catch the train - sometimes the difference in life comes down to mere seconds. The Messi Aluminum Cardholder Wallet is built with this principle in mind. Forget rummaging around in tight card slots trying to find the card you need while holding up a line of annoyed people, this metal wallet is built for instant access. Whenever you need to grab your card, simply press the trigger wallet push button to eject cards. With the Messi Wallet life is as easy as click, pop, go. Our card ejection feature is patented, one-of-a-kind, and robust enough to last a lifetime. Don’t take our word for it though, just check out one of our 30,000 five-star reviews.

Hand holding Messi Wallet in front of the Arch de Triomphe.

Prevent Wireless Theft with RFID Data Protection

Whether you’re a world-star athlete or an average Joe, your data is worth protecting. Now more than ever, wireless theft is wreaking havoc on even the most cautious people because it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and you won’t find out until it’s too late. This RFID-proof metal wallet has 360º data protection, eliminating the possibility of wireless theft off your cards forever. With the Messi Aluminum Cardholder wallet you can move through the world with confidence knowing that your cards and personal data are bulletproof. Read our article about wireless theft to find out why RFID protection is a must-have for the modern man.

Messi Wallet, MagSafe Cardholder, and Powerbank lying on top of iPad.

Experience Huge Carry Capacity in a Front Pocket Wallet

His name may be Messi, but he always keeps it clean. All puns aside, the Messi Smart Wallet is designed to hold everything you need without becoming bulky. This minimalist metal wallet organizes 1-15 cards plus cash into a streamlined design that gets the most out of every inch. Slim enough to fit in your front pocket (goodbye, back pain!) but with a large enough capacity to ensure you have all the essentials, it’s no wonder why so many people are switching the Ekster design. There’s something to be said about a wallet that’s so slim you barely notice it yet it always has your back.

The Messi Wallet by Ekster in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The Messi Smart Wallet Made from Space-Grade Aluminum

Any athlete will know that when it comes to performance, materials are everything. Whether it’s the food you eat to train your body or the next high-tech fabric that helps you get the most out of your game, choosing the right materials can take you from bench-warmer to game-winning superstar. The Limited-Edition Messi Smart Wallet is made from space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum (yes, the same aluminum found in NASA’s spaceships) so you can be free from worries of wear and tear while you move through the world with you new metal cardholder wallet. If it’s good enough for NASA, then it’s (probably) good enough for us. We do have very high standards.

Lionel Messi holding the Messi Wallet in front of him.

Act Now to Get the Messi Aluminum Smart Wallet by Ekster

Want to be one of the first people to get their hands on the limited-edition Messi Wallet by Ekster? Now is your chance. This metal wallet is built for your high-caliber, fast-paced life on the move with instant card access, RFID data protection, anti-loss features, and streamlined carry capacity. Sometimes it’s nice to be challenged, but not when it comes to your most-used accessory. Shop the Messi Smart Wallet now in the official Messi Store and experience the wallet, evolved.

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