Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Buying something for your husband is an amazing opportunity to show how much you love him but also to give him something that actually increases his day-to-day happiness. There’s nothing that husbands love more than a new piece of manly gear that saves them time and generally improves their day, and, you get to enjoy the benefits of a happy husband. In this guide, we’ll give you loads of ideas for anniversary gifts for your husband guaranteed to impress.

a man's hands holding in his left an iPhone and in his right a black airtag cardholder

1. AirTag Cardholder: Trackable Wallet

If your husband is the sort of guy who always wants the new iPhone (even if his old one still works fine) and is always keeping an eye out for the next big piece of technology, then chances are you’ve heard him talk about AirTag. These dope little trackers can be added to any accessory to become trackable in the FindMy app. And if he already has an AirTag, then we have the perfect anniversary gift for husband.

The AirTag cardholder is a slim metal wallet designed specifically for AirTags with a secure spot so the tracker won’t fall out. With a trackable wallet, your husband will save so much time and stress when he’s rushing out the door and won’t have to deal with losing a wallet ever again. Plus, this trackable wallet has modern features like pop-up cards and data protection that your husband is bound to love.

A man holding a black weekender bag with an open top car in the background.

2. Weekender: The Anywhere Bag

Every great trip starts with a great bag, and this modern take on a duffle bag really has it all. Husbands are notorious for liking to travel light and packing efficiently (and are known to complain when others pack a little heavier). The Weekender has enough room for several changes of clothes, extra shoes, laptops, and other travel supplies without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for anniversary gift ideas for your husband, take a look at this.

Made from rip-resistant canvas with classic leather detailing, the Weekender bag is super durable but looks classy enough for the office. It has separate compartments for dirty shoes and wet clothes so you can safely store everything you need without worrying. Plus, you can add a power bank and tracker card to this bag so you can track it from your phone and use it to charge your phone, as well.

A man's right hand holding a credit card multi tool for wallets.

3. Tool Card: Mini Multi-Tool

If your husband is a fix-it-himself sorta guy then chances are he would carry around a toolbox if you let him. And while that might come in handy sometimes, having a smaller multi-tool can help in a pinch when you’re on the go and need a quick fix. But many multitools are slightly too big to carry in a pocket and end up getting left at home. That’s why the Ekster Tool Card is the perfect anniversary gift for husbands.

The Tool Card is a credit card-shaped multitool that fits neatly into your husband's wallet and holds a remarkable number of separate tools. On this credit card multitool, you can find 7 unique features from ruler to boxcutter. Not only will your husband love having a fix-it-all hidden in his wallet, but its stainless steel body is sleek enough to be an accessory in and of itself.

a man's hands holding a large leather bifold in his left and a significantly slimmer airtag wallet in his right

4. AirTag Wallet: Trackable Wallet

Looking for something cool that will make perfect anniversary gift ideas for your husband? Most husbands love a little gadget, but what’s better than a gadget that actually makes your life easier. AirTags let you add anything you want into the FindMy ecosystem, essentially making anything trackable. The AirTag Wallet is similar to the AirTag Cardholder but offers a more classic, leather style.

The AirTag Wallet is a slim trackable leather wallet that makes a perfect husband gift for anniversary. It’s designed to be smaller than normal bifold wallets so it takes up less space and doesn’t cause pocket bulge. On the back of this wallet is a dedicated spot for your husband’s AirTag, so he can track his wallet from any Apple device. Plus, this wallet also comes with pop-up cards for fast checkout and 360º data protection so his cards are always safe.

A man holding in his left hand a tracker card for wallets and in his right an iPhone showing the map used to track wallets.

5. Tracker Card: Make Any Wallet Trackable

If your husband isn’t such an Apple guy but could still benefit from a trackable wallet (and who couldn’t?), there are other wallet tracker options that work with Android phones and almost any wallet. For those without AirTags, Ekster’s Tracker Card is the best alternative and makes a perfect anniversary gift for husband.

The Tracker Card is a credit card-shaped tracking device that fits perfectly in most wallets and connects to your phone. Once paired with his phone, your husband will be able to track his wallet from anywhere, receive separation alerts if he leaves his wallet behind, and he can even ring his wallet from his phone so it makes a noise!

A man's left hand holding a slim leather wallet, in the background there is the leather seat of a motorcycle.

6. Parliament: The Lux Leather Wallet

If you’re shopping for the perfect anniversary gift for husbands that enjoy the classier things in life, then you can’t go wrong with a leather wallet. But this isn’t just any leather wallet. The Parliament is a modern take on the classic leather bifold, made from top-grain American hides, but incorporates modern features that make it stand out from the crowd.

The Parliament is a slim leather wallet designed for fast access and minimalist carry. All your husband's cards are neatly organized into the data-protected cardholder which he can access at the click of a button, making checkout as easy as click, pop, go. And because this wallet is RFID protected, your husband never has to worry about wireless theft.

A man sitting in the front seat of a land rover, in his right hand he is holding a forged carbon fiber cardholder.

7. Carbon Fiber Cardholder: Most Durable Wallet

Finding anniversary gift ideas for your husband can be hard, but you can’t go wrong with a classic yet durable cardholder. Cardholders work perfectly as a main wallet if your husband doesn’t carry around a lot of cash, or as a secondary wallet where he can securely keep all his cards organized.

The Carbon Fiber Cardholder is our most durable cardholder yet thanks to its lightweight yet strong material. It holds 1-15 cards and a couple of folded bills, with extra storage under the backplate. Your husband will love the fast-access cards that make him the coolest guy at checkout and the data protection that prevents wireless theft from his cards.

4 aluminum cardholder wallets lying on a grey stone surface.

Finding anniversary gifts for your husband can be a pain, but if you get him something off this list, he’s guaranteed to be happy. Every man loves a new classy wallet that he can whip out at client dinners or use to carry his business cards. Plus, with modern features like location tracking and data protection, a slim Ekster wallet makes a perfect husband gift for anniversary. Enjoy a 45-day risk-free trial and a 1-year warranty when you shop with Ekster.

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