Back Pocket Wallet or Front, Which is Better and Why

Front pocket wallet or back pocket wallet? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a long time. And while this may seem inconsequential - just hold you’re wallet wherever you want, right? - scientific evidence suggests that there is indeed one spot to carry your wallet that is better than all the others, but not for the reasons you may assume. In this article, we’ll explain the different aspects that come into account when choosing which pocket to hold your wallet in and why one pocket, in particular, is the superior option. (Spoiler alert: it’s your front pocket.)




Back Pocket Wallet - Why You Shouldn’t Be Carrying it Here

Most men carry their wallets in their back pockets. It’s seemingly the most natural place to slip your wallet, but this is in fact engineered. Most wallets are huge, brick-like goliaths, that must be carried in your back pocket because, quite simply, they don’t fit anywhere else. With such a huge bifold, most men have no choice but to go with back pocket carry but this has some risks.


Back Pocket Wallet: Health Drawbacks

The biggest downside of carrying your wallet in your back pocket is the effect this can cause on your health. As we age, back pain becomes a part of daily life, with 80% of adults experiencing back pain at some point. In fact, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide!

With such prevalence, it’s extremely important to care for your back health by making sure you have good posture and your spine is correctly aligned. When carrying a wallet in your back pocket, you are lifting up one side of your trunk slightly higher than the other.

If you continue to sit with a wallet in your back pocket, it will slowly misalign your spine. A misaligned spine can lead to severe back pain and even sciatica if left untreated.

Therefore, it’s always better to avoid sitting on a wallet if possible.


aluminum front pocket wallet with RFID protection


Back Pocket Wallet: Security Drawbacks

If potentially ruining your back health wasn’t enough, there’s another major drawback of carrying your wallet in your back pocket that puts your finances at risk. Depending on where you live, there may or may not be pickpockets or petty thieves. Regardless, carrying your wallet in a back pocket is an invitation to street thieves, almost like wearing a sign that says “steal me!”. This is because the back pocket is the most unprotected place on your person - literally behind your back, so you cannot see.

Pickpockets work by distracting you with a touch on your shoulder or arm, drawing your attention towards where they are touching so that you don’t notice your wallet being taken. If you carry your wallet in your front pocket, this technique isn’t as successful because you are able to physically see your wallet.


slim front pocket leather wallet with RFID protection


Front Pocket Wallet - Why You Should Be Carrying it Here

Various research suggests that there is only one proper place to carry your wallet, and that is the front pocket of your pants. This will help avoid future back problems and alleviate current back pain, protect your wallet more securely from pickpockets, and avoid the unattractive bulge of a back pocket wallet. But you may be starting to see the problem - if most wallets are too big to carry in your front pocket then what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, the new generation of slim and smart wallets are already here and they are all the perfect size for your front pocket.


aluminum front pocket wallet with RFID protection


The Best Front Pocket Wallets by Ekster

Choose from several different slim EDC wallet styles at Ekster, with different options to perfectly match your lifestyle.


aluminum front pocket wallet with RFID protection


Aluminum Cardholder

This is an ultra-modern metal cardholder wallet built for slim storage and fast access. It holds 1-15 cards, with 6 inside the RFID-protected cardholder and up to 9 more in the expandable backplate. You can also put some folded bills there, too.

With fast-access cards, all you need to do is click the thumb button and all your cards will be ejected in a smooth, staggered fashion, making it super easy to grab just the card you need and go without fumbling or wasting time.

Thanks to RFID blocking technology, all the cards stored inside the cardholder are protected from wireless theft. And because of the super slim design, the Aluminum Cardholder can be comfortably carried in your front pocket, making it less attractive for pickpockets.

Choose from 14 different colors and patterns to find the style that matches your vibe.


Person’s hands an open RFID blocking Parliament wallet


Parliament Wallet

This is a modern reinvention of the classic bifold wallet, offering a smaller frame while maintaining the same carry capacity and modern upgrades for the 21st century. This front pocket leather wallet holds the same amount of cards as an average bifold but is a fraction of the size.

The Parliament also offers fast-card access so you can quickly and easily grab only the card you need with one hand, making checkout smoother than ever. Simply press the thumb button, eject your cards, and voilà - you’re done.

The Parliament also offers RFID protection for 6 cards inside the inner cardholder. Any cards placed inside are protected from wireless theft via skimming, so you never have to worry about accounts being hacked or identity theft.

The Parliament comes in many different materials. Choose from different types of genuine full-grain leather, matte leather, and even vegan leather made from recycled car windshields.


slim aluminum front pocket wallet with RFID protection


Since the conclusion has already been spoiled, you already know the answer to: “which pocket is best to hold my wallet?” Ding, ding! It’s your front pocket. Carrying your wallet in your front pocket prevents sciatica and back pain that can arise from sitting on your wallet, makes you less attractive as a victim of pick-pocketing, and gets rid of the unattractive “wallet bulge” that a big back pocket wallet can cause. In order to comfortably carry your wallet in the front pocket, go for a modern “front pocket wallet” like the Aluminum Cardholder or Parliament Wallet. These styles are ultra-slim and fit perfectly in small front pockets while offering modern upgrades like RFID protection and fast card access.


  • What are the top features to look for in a men's front pocket wallet?

    When looking for a men's front pocket wallet, the top features to consider are slim design to fit comfortably in the front pocket, durable materials for long-lasting use, RFID-blocking technology to protect against identity theft, ample storage for cards and cash, and a secure closure to prevent items from falling out. Additionally, consider the overall aesthetic and craftsmanship of the wallet to ensure it meets your personal style preferences.

  • What are the benefits of using a front pocket wallet over a traditional back pocket wallet?

    There are several benefits to using a front pocket wallet over a traditional back pocket wallet. Firstly, front pocket wallets are generally slimmer and more compact, making them more comfortable to carry and reducing the risk of back pain. They also provide better security, as they are less susceptible to pickpocketing and theft. Additionally, front pocket wallets are easier to access and organize, making it more convenient to find and retrieve cards and cash when needed. Overall, front pocket wallets offer a more practical and secure way to carry your essentials on a daily basis.


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