The Best Key Finders to Stop Losing Your Keys for Good

Besides your wallet, your keys are probably the most important thing you carry on you every day and conversely, the worst thing to lose. When you lose your keys you’re locked out of your house, maybe your car, and have to deal with the hassle of either finding them or replacing them along with the locks on your house. All in all, it’s a nightmare that will end up costing you huge amounts of time, money, and stress. Thankfully, the best key finder device already exists and is available for a shockingly small price. This small yet powerful find my keys device will revolutionize the way you move through the world, giving you more independence and minimizing your stress.

Person’s hands holding Key Holder with Key Tracker while tracking location on the Chipolo app

Find my Keys Device: Is it Necessary?

Potentially losing an item is a paradoxical worry, currently, you haven’t lost anything so the desire to prevent it from happening in the future isn’t very strong. But once you have actually lost something, you wish you could go back in the past and shake your naive and optimistic past self.

Like insurance, it’s always better to plan for the worst before it happens, not after. And this is the same when it comes to losing and finding your keys. Even if you’re not a forgetful person, you are bound to lose your keys once in your life.

According to a study, house and car keys are the third most commonly lost item, and to put it into perspective, Americans spend 2.5 days a year looking for lost items and more than $2.7 billion a year replacing misplaced possessions.

This is why having the best key find my keys device is super important to have.

Person’s hand with Key Holder and Key Tracker on car keys, tracking location on the Chipolo app

The Best Key Finder: Small & Powerful

The best key finder is small enough that it won’t add bulk to your keys yet powerful enough to pinpoint the location of your keys no matter where you are. Ekster’s Key Tracker is only 2.5 inches long and fits perfectly onto your keyring. Simply pair it with your smartphone via the Chipolo app to initiate tracking. When you can’t find your keys, pull up their location on a map or even ping them so they make a noise. This feature is especially useful if they are in the back of a closet, under couch cushions, or otherwise hidden.

Additionally, this Key Tracker includes intelligent add-ons like an LED light. With the LED feature, you can easily illuminate any lock you’re about to open, making it much easier to unlock your car door or front door without scratching anything. When you ping your keys, this LED feature lights up so you can follow the light to find it instantly.

Ekster’s Key Tracker offers unbelievable coverage, with a worldwide Lost-and-Found network for long distances, and a 200ft Bluetooth range. To keep the Key Tracker small and easy to use, it is charged with a replaceable watch battery, this way you won’t need to buy any more cables or chargers.

Person’s hands with Key Holder and Key Tracker

Where to buy Key Finders?

Instead of shopping in person, skip the middle man and get access to the best key finder online. Ekster’s Key Tracker can be paired with the Key Holder, a novel keyring design that organizes keys into a quiet stack to reduce pocket jingling. If you’re wondering where to buy key finders, just navigate to Ekster’s homepage. You can purchase these two items together or just the Key Tracker to completely revolutionize the way you interact with your keys and never lose them again.

Ekster’s Key Tracker is compatible with most smartphones but is limited to iOS 11 or Android 5 and above. Consult our Support Desk if you are unsure whether your phone is compatible.

Ekster Magnetic MagSafe cardholder with Ekster Key Holder and magent


When you think about the amount of time, money, and stress losing your keys can cause, investing in a Key Tracker is an easy choice, especially when it only costs $31 for the best key finder available. Act now and you can get an exclusive discount on the best find my keys device and try it risk-free for 45 days. If it doesn’t make losing your keys a thing of the past then just send it back.

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