The Best EDC Wallet with a Smart, Minimalist Design

EDC wallets and other minimalist wallet solutions exploded onto the market over the last decade with each new direct-to-consumer brand promising the slimmest, smartest solution yet. But all these wallets share at least two things: minimalist design, and tactical functionality. If you’re looking for a new smart addition to your EDC gear then look no further: we’ve just discovered the best EDC wallet.


slim EDC minimalist wallet with cash strap and RFID protection


What is an EDC wallet?

EDC stands for “every-day carry”, and refers to the essential items you carry with you everyday. Stemming from a niche group of survivalists to originally refer to outdoor and survival gear, EDC was quickly adopted by people everywhere, whether in a real or urban jungle.

One thing that unites all EDC culture is a focus on functionality, sturdiness, and portability.

Your EDC says a lot about you and should directly reflect your daily needs since it’s something you curate over time. More outdoorsy people who live in rural areas might have a tactical watch and a pocket knife in their EDC, while bonafide city-slickers are more likely to go with a power-bank and tech multi-tool.

The best EDC wallet then is one that performs whatever function you need your wallet to for your specific lifestyle. If you travel a lot for business or pleasure, then you know it’s wise to split up your cards and keep cash in a separate, secure place. That’s why so many EDC wallets have room for little more than your essential cards and a folded bill or two.


slim EDC minimalist wallet with cash strap and RFID protection

The Best EDC Minimalist Wallet

What makes the best EDC minimalist wallet? In this section we will cover the main features that make the Ekster Senate Cardholder the best EDC minimalist wallet on the market right now. The most important things to remember when rating an EDC wallet is how well does it function, how durable is it, and whether it’s design is minimalist enough without being limiting.

We will also cover what EDC wallet items designate the Ekster Senate Cardholder as hands-down the best EDC wallet out there.


slim EDC minimalist wallet with cash strap and RFID protection


High-Quality Materials for EDC Wallets

Since EDC wallets need to be sturdy, functional, and portable, one of the most important things to investigate before even looking at the design is the source materials. No matter how well a wallet is constructed, if it isn’t made of high quality, durable material, there’s no way it’s going to last with you through the rough bits. And for an EDC wallet, something you carry every single day, this is paramount.

The Ekster Senate Cardholder is made from two of the most trusted materials known to humankind: leather and aluminum. The Senate Cardholder consists of an inner RFID-blocking aluminum cardholder, wrapped in full-grain leather. This leather is sourced from LGW gold-rated tanneries and processed using ECCO Leather’s DriTan™ technology. This new method of treating hides has helped save over 175M liters of water already and is the first real step towards waterless leather production.

This leather is of the highest quality, so it won’t tear or weaken over time except if put in the most intense conditions. It also gains a patina over time, that inimitable characteristic of smell and touch that makes leather so attractive. The inner aluminum cardholder provides extra strength to the wallet so you don’t need to worry about squishing or denting it.


slim EDC minimalist wallet with fast-card access, cash strap, and RFID protection

EDC Wallet with Slim, Minimalist Design

As previously mentioned, an EDC wallet has to have a slim, minimalist design to earn that name. That’s because the EDC movement is all about carrying just what you need without any extra bulk. Ekster’s Senate Cardholder exemplifies the idea of a minimalist wallet without taking away the sophisticated feel of classic leather wallet.

The Ekster Senate Cardholder can fit 10+ cards, though we recommend around 7, with 1-6 in the inner cardholder and 1-4 more in the fitted cash strap. You can also easily slide some folded bills under the cash strap if you need some to have some physical money on hand.

Besides being slim, this EDC minimalist wallet has a trick up its sleeve that makes it more functional than most wallets. Cards stored in the aluminum cardholder can be smoothly ejected for easy-access using a thumb trigger at the bottom of the wallet. Simply click the button to easily view the contents of your wallet in a discrete manner, making fumbling with your card slots a thing of the past.

What’s more is that the inner cardholder of the Senate Cardholder is also RFID-protected, meaning any cards stored inside are safe from potential wireless theft. This can occur when thieves use card skimmers to download the sensitive data off your cards. This data can then be used to access bank accounts, open credit cards, or even steal your identity. The worst part is that this type of theft is almost impossible to track, so having this added security is truly a must for everyone.


slim EDC minimalist wallet with fast-card access, cash strap, and RFID protection


Get the Best EDC Wallet from Ekster

If you’re not already carrying a slim EDC wallet, then 2022 is definitely the year to upgrade. It’s time to ditch that old filing cabinet you call a wallet and replace it with a slim, smart alternative. Not only can thick bifold wallets put you more at risk if stolen (since you put all your goodies in one place), they can also mess up your aesthetic by causing unseemly pocket bulge and even leave you with a case of sciatica from sitting on it. And if you’re going to get an EDC wallet, you might as well go for the best minimalist EDC wallet - the Ekster Senate Cardholder.

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