9 Best & Unique Gifts for Your Father-In-Law | Some In-Laws are Tolerable

Is anyone really that close with their in-laws? It’s possible, but definitely not the norm. Still, you want to show that you appreciate them often, maintaining a strong connection no matter what. They’re family, after all!

When it comes time to get a gift for your father-in-law, you don’t need to be left scratching your head. There are a ton of great ideas out there that don’t require you to find out about shoe sizes or take a risk on a funky-patterned tie.

Shopping for gifts for a father-in-law is tricky since you want to balance form and function while making sure he’ll actually use the gift. The list below has you covered completely, and you can’t go wrong with any of these picks. Here are our top 9 father-in-law gifts. Check them out!



1. Multi-Function Laptop Sleeve

If your father-in-law is a working man, he probably has his laptop close by at all times. Nowadays, nearly every career requires constant web application access, and the laptop is the best way to stay productive on the go.

Here’s why a laptop sleeve is such a great and unique gift for a father-in-law: not only does it protect this crucial piece of technology from damage and danger, but it also carries accessories and other vital components that every man needs when he’s on the move.

Dads are all about efficiency, and your father-in-law will surely appreciate the gesture of a next-level laptop sleeve. This would also go great with a carbon fiber wallet.


2. Customizable Phone Case

While your father-in-law may not be as addicted to his phone as younger generations, he probably still keeps it in his pocket to make calls, check on finances, and maybe even use Facebook once in a while.

That means that he’s prone to dropping his expensive phone just like the rest of us, and if he doesn’t already have a protective case, he is running the risk of an expensive repair or total replacement. Nobody should have to deal with that.

Find a durable phone case for your father-in-law this year, and he will be grateful for the very thoughtful gift. Unlike other presents that sit in the basement collecting dust, this one will go everywhere with him, and your gesture will not be forgotten.

For an added bonus, throw in a few cool accessories like a folio or card carrier, so your father-in-law can streamline his everyday carry with ease. You might also want to get him a parliament leather wallet, too. What Dad out there doesn’t love to save time?


3. Classic Manly Money Clip

Does your father-in-law have that old-school, no-nonsense attitude so common among the dads of the world? If so, he probably doesn’t want a gift with too many bells and whistles. A well-made money clip could be exactly what he’s looking for.

While most money clips are flimsy and can snap at any time, make sure you get one made of premium metal and built to last for decades ahead. This is a safe bet that almost every man will appreciate, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

You could also get him a trigger wallet to accompany the money clip.

Remember, efficiency is a top priority for many dads, and a money clip cuts right to the chase.



4. Tech-Packed Smart Wallet

 Maybe your father-in-law is the type of guy to always be fiddling around in the workshop with different tools and trinkets, only to emerge hours later covered in grease and wearing a smile of satisfaction on his face. We all know the type!

If so, he’s probably very tech-savvy and deserves a wallet to match his brilliance. Many slim smart wallets can be found these days, but only a handful have a full set of futuristic features that will impress your father-in-law.

Here are a few features to look for. First, make sure it has RFID-blocking capabilities to protect against hackers seeking to swipe your credit card info. Then, look for a safe-locking cardholder pocket that can be accessed quickly and securely.

Finally, the ideal smart wallet should have a folio feature and a band for extra cash. Confirm that the leather is sourced from premium manufacturers, and you’ve got a perfect gift for your father-in-law.


5. Wallet Tracker From The Future

Few things in this world can make a father-in-law say “WOW,” but we’re convinced that a high-tech wallet tracking card is one of those rarities.

Using GPS and Bluetooth technology, these sleek digital cards insert into any normal wallet and immediately make it impossible to lose. In the rare case that he does misplace his wallet, he can quickly access an application interface on his device and track it down with ease.

This is an amazing gift for anyone in your life, but for your father-in-law, it’s worth giving just to achieve that elusive wow-factor you’ve been missing! Plus, when he finally puts this item to use, you’ll be the one to receive a message of appreciation.


6. No-Hassle Key Holder

Have you ever noticed that fathers-in-law tend to have an absurd amount of keys on them at any given time? One for the lawnmower, two for the shed, three for the house, and a bunch of other random ones for who-knows-what.

If your father-in-law’s keychain is getting out of control, help him get a bit more organized with a sleek and slim key holder that makes things way easier. With this device, he can access any key with only one hand, and he’ll know exactly which one is meant for each door.

Maybe you won’t be the star of the holiday party for giving this father-in-law gift, but you can be sure you get a pat on the back the next time you see your dad-in-law, who truly loves his key holder.


7. Brawny Bifold Wallet

Is your father-in-law a man of few words who likes to keep things more traditional? If so, a leather bifold wallet is one of the best possible gifts you can give.

A bifold is nothing new. In fact, it’s considered somewhat old-school compared to some of the space-age designs we see out there today. But if your dad-in-law likes his classic cars and spaghetti westerns, he’s probably going to stick with the bifold style forever.

It’s easy to find a bifold wallet at most department stores, but only a few are made from premium, sustainably sourced leather and offer the storage capacity you require. Go above and beyond with a bifold wallet that covers all the bases.



8. Rock-Solid Aluminum Cardholder

There’s a chance your father-in-law loves to be on the cutting edge of tech and left cash behind in the 20th century. A dedicated cardholder could be exactly what he wants this year, and you have the chance to make a great impression.

Be aware that many cardholders are flimsy and unlikely to last very long. Only give a gift that’s built for the long haul, and make sure that the cardholder is solid aluminum or made from other military-grade materials. It will be worth the extra dough.

With a ton of storage and sleek design, who wouldn’t appreciate a super-tough aluminum wallet cardholder?


Conclusion about the Best Gifts for Father-In-Law

We hope you enjoyed our ideas and gifts for a father-in-law. Nobody really knows how to navigate relationships with in-laws, but giving a great gift to your father-in-law can only help the situation improve. Any one of these gifts is an excellent pick, and you can return to this list next year, too!

Contact us if you have any questions!


  • What are some thoughtful and unique gift ideas for a father-in-law?

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  • What are the best gift ideas for a father-in-law?

    Some great gift ideas for a father-in-law could include personalized items such as a monogrammed watch or custom-made golf balls, a subscription box for his favorite hobby or interest, a high-quality tool set or outdoor gear, a gift certificate for a nice restaurant or experience, or a sentimental photo album or frame. Ultimately, the best gift will be one that shows thoughtfulness and appreciation for the relationship you have with your father-in-law.

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