12 Best iPhone Wallet Cases

We all do the standard item-check before leaving the house: wallet, keys, phone, etc. Without these three essential things, we probably won’t make it very far.

Luckily, iPhone wallet cases streamline the process of preparation, and for the more forgetful folks among us, it makes for one less thing to worry about losing.

With so many options out there, which is the best for you? Here are the 12 best iPhone wallet cases you should consider picking up.

2. Modular iPhone 12 Case From Ekster

Your daily loadout will change day to day based on what you’re doing, where you are, and what you need to succeed. This modular phone case from Ekster gives you the option to add magnetic attachments like a folio or card carrier to provide you with modular control over your EDC.



With a reset pin, sim card holder, and hidden compartment for extra cash, this wallet offers a ton of great features in addition to its sleek and strong design. If you spring for the folio option, you can hold more than six cards at a time and plenty of cash to get you around.


Thanks to magnetic mods, you can max out the functionality of this case or keep it minimal. The choice is yours, and your phone will look great no matter which route you take. It’s the perfect way to protect your iPhone investment and carry in style.


2. Presidio Wallet Case From Speck


With a sleek, jet-black exterior made of polycarbonate and a grippy rubber interior that perfectly contours your iPhone, Speck delivers a solid midrange case wallet that will give you the protection you need with a dash of modern style.


The Presidio is also made with a patented Impactium material that absorbs heavy shocks and protects your phone from fall damage at over ten feet. In terms of pure form and function, this is a no-frills wallet case covering all your bases.


4. Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Case From Burkley


If you’ve been seeking an all-in-one replacement for your phone case and wallet, Burkley has you covered with a product that truly does it all.


This full-grain leather case comes standard with four credit card slots, one cash pocket, a built-in kickstand, and the option to add a laser engraving or wristlet for added security.


You can keep the folio together with the phone case or detach them at any time, so you have the freedom to customize your carry throughout the day and live worry-free.



5. Slim Armor CS From Spigen


Not convinced by the normal card slots found in most phone wallets? If you want an extra layer of certainty and protection, Spigen’s flagship case is equipped with a mini sliding door that keeps your cards 100% secure.


There’s only room for two credit cards and maybe a bill or two, but the extra fortification is a huge selling point for anyone who wants to ramp up their security.


6. iPhone Leather Folio From Apple


Apple is responsible for producing the iPhone in the first place, so why not trust them with a folio case that protects your new tech?


No, it isn’t cheap, but you can expect top-notch craftsmanship and materials from this sleek foldable covering. You won’t find any hidden compartments or features here, just a luxurious look and feel that captures that signature Apple vibe.



7. Damda Glide Pro Max Case From VRS Design


If you want your case to look like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, this is the product for you. With colors like white marble and deep-sea blue, this is definitely an eye-catching case like no other.


It also has substance to back up the style. It carries 2 cards and some cash in its convenient sliding compartment and offers extreme drop protection for when you slip up. Plus, it’s super stain-resistant, keeping the fingerprints away for good.


8. Gancini Smartphone Cover From Ferragamo


Are you enchanted by high-profile Italian design and hefty price tags? We get it. The brand name is powerful and makes you want it that much more.


This is far from the most secure or practical phone case wallet. It only has one slot for a credit card, and drop protection isn’t even in the conversation. However, the design is unmatched, and there’s something so satisfying about owning a genuine Ferragamo product.


If you’ve got some cash to burn and want to make a fashion statement with every phone call, this is your go-to case.


9. Oxford Eco Folio From Gear4


For those who want a cost-effective cover that protects and secures your cards, this product from Gear4 does the trick.


Yes, it’s plastic, and it may not look the most elegant, but this case will defend your phone from short falls and keep your cards from slipping out at inopportune times. Plus, you can find it for an excellent price online, leaving you with some money to play with.


10. Trooper Series Case From UAG


Some people just have that military mindset, where functionality, precision, and strength matter more than anything else. This is the exact ethos of the Trooper Series Case, which looks like it’s built for high-intensity warfare.


The design is a bit bulky, but you get everything you need and more from this case. Hold four credit cards plus cash, enjoy 365-degree phone protection, and meet military-grade drop test standards for the worst-case scenarios.


11. Vintage Leather Wallet Case From Snakehive


The sci-fi movie look of many modern cases isn’t for everyone, and some of us want to turn back the clock to simpler times with a wholesome vintage leather wallet case for our phones.


Nothing beats genuine leather in terms of feel, and while it may not offer the best drop protection, you’ll handle your phone with care when it’s in this quality wallet case.


Snakehive is known for delivering high-grade materials and crafting memorable designs, so check out their products if you desire something more old-school.


12. Clic Card Case From Native Union


It may not be accurate to classify it as a wallet, but the Clic Card Case deserves an honorable mention due to its fantastic design and premium materials.


This case comes in three clean colors and feels great in the palm of your hand—not too bulky and just the right amount of grip. As an added bonus, the genuine leather exterior will age nicely over time with a patina that is uniquely yours.


You may only be able to carry one or two cards at a time with this case, but its good looks make up for the basic features.



So Which Is The Best Choice?


When you’re considering all these iPhone wallet case options, you really can’t beat the Ekster modular phone case. It has the flexibility you need when it comes to what features you want in your case, plus the quality to match.


  • What are the top-rated iPhone wallet cases available on the market?

    Some of the top-rated iPhone wallet cases on the market include the Bellroy Leather iPhone Wallet Case, the OtterBox Strada Series, the Silk iPhone Wallet Slayer, and the Vena vCommute Wallet Case. These cases offer sleek designs, durable protection, and convenient storage for cards and cash. Each of these options has received praise for their quality and functionality, making them popular choices among iPhone users looking for a convenient all-in-one solution for their phone and essentials.

  • What are the top-rated wallet phone cases that offer both protection and convenience for everyday use?

    Some of the top-rated wallet phone cases that offer both protection and convenience for everyday use include the Spigen Slim Armor CS, OtterBox Strada Series, and Silk Wallet Slayer. These cases provide a sturdy outer shell for protection, while also featuring card slots and a slim design for added convenience. With options for various phone models and sleek, durable designs, these wallet phone cases are popular choices for those looking for a stylish and functional way to keep their phone safe and organized on a daily basis.

  • What are the top-rated iPhone wallets that offer both style and functionality?

    Some of the top-rated iPhone wallets that offer both style and functionality include the Eskster Wallet, the Bellroy Phone Wallet, the Nomad Rugged Folio, and the Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case. These wallets feature sleek designs, high-quality materials, and convenient features like card slots, cash pockets, and wireless charging compatibility. Whether you prefer a slim profile or a folio style wallet, these options offer both style and functionality to keep your iPhone safe and your essentials organized.


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