Ekster® x Huckberry | Limited Copper Red Edition

Every great business starts with a unique and incredible story. We founded Ekster because we weren’t happy with the available everyday carry products on the market. We wanted to make something that spoke elegance as well as technological innovation. Now we’ve extended beyond just the urban minimalist by uniting with Huckberry and embracing the outdoor explorer.

Many know the story of Huckberry founders, Andy Forch and Richard Greiner. They were freezing their butts off on a rickety chairlift on the backside of Squaw Valley, California when they finally decided to go for it and create what is now a rising star in the outdoor retail industry. The brand strives to provide the best and the trendiest men’s gear to adventurous men across the world. Just like Huckberry, Ekster was born out of frustration with the existing products on the market. We wanted to create classically attractive leather products jam-packed with hidden technology to easily access and protect important everyday valuables. In three years we grew to become the number one bestselling smart wallet on the market.

“We haven’t opened up our brand to many others for collaborations like this because we’re very particular about our messaging. But when we united with Huckberry everything fell into place seamlessly and the profiles matched in a unique way.” - Rick Scharnigg

This collaboration was born to unite the spirit of the adventurous outdoor explorer and urban minimalistic design. Together, we’ve built an exclusive crowd GPS-trackable wallet in a rugged copper leather which will be available exclusively on Huckberry’s webshop. The limited edition leather offers a smooth yet rugged exterior, perfect for those who are always on the run. It's designed specifically to keep up with your lifestyle.

Image of an Ekster smart wallet with a cash strap in a man's hands.

When designing this new addition to the Huckberry family, the team took off to Iceland to test the wallet under the most extreme conditions. The Iceland adventure tested out a range of lightweight essentials that made their cold-weather travel more bearable. We’re glad to say that the Ekster wallet was able to take a little abuse on roads less travelled, qualifying as the ultimate travel gear for their Winter Catalogue.

“We touched down in the Land of Fire and Ice fully-decked out with our latest delivery of gear and apparel for a 72-hour field test covering everything from a plane ride over a volcano to a midday hike on a 4,898 foot-tall glacier” - Huckberry Winter Catalogue

Image of an ATV in snowy slopes. The image has text which reads '72 hours in Iceland.'

Explorers choose performance over fashion but in this case, we deliberately went for both. Besides looking stylish, the Parliament wallet also makes travel easy and less worrisome. Its slim lightweight design is easy to carry, taking up very little space on the road. There’s no need to fret if you’ve lost your wallet, we've got your back with the traceability feature. Save hours of searching every trip and avoid that stomach-sinking feeling of losing your valuables on the road. The tracker card is solar-charged, meaning no worries about cables or battery replacement. A fully charged tracker will last over a month, making Ekster the perfect travel wallet for any planned trip.

Image of a man pulling out a debit card from an Ekster smart wallet, with a cash strap.

We teamed up with Huckberry because they understand our mission, our values, our minimalistic style and more than anything, our passion to add value to customers’ lives in ways they won’t find from other brands. Be quick and head over to our Huckberry shop before this limited edition is sold out.

Image with three different angles of the Ekster x Huckberry smart wallet, also showing the cash strap and the GPS tracker card.

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