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If you've been following us, you'll know that one of our motivations is pushing the envelope on what consumers expect from everyday products, specifically smart wallets. We're not alone in this, and we love creating partnerships with companies which have the same mission. So we're excited to announce our latest partnership with N26, Europe's first mobile bank.

Retail banking is currently undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by advances in technology and our increased reliance on smart phones. These changes have opened up a revolutionary way to manage your money, which N26 was quick to capitalize on; they've created a banking experience that is simple, easy to use, and far more elegant than traditional banks.

Image of a man's hands: one holds a black Ekster Parliament wallet, and the other hand has an N26 bank card in it. The wallet's card access feature shows all the cards displayed.

N26 was first launched in 2015. They created a fully digital banking model, allowing them to operate with lower costs; they passed these savings on to their users. If you think about it, going fully digital is an incredibly efficient model for business; it saves costs and it's almost always faster than the offline alternative. In fact, basically all the services N26 offers digitally are ones for which customers would go to brick-and-mortar banks: creating accounts, transferring money, learning about payment solutions.

Image of a man's hand holding a Senate cardholder, with an N26 bank card peeking out of it. The Ekster logo is prominently displayed. Other elements of the picture include a bar as the background, with a cocktail on the side.

Like we did with wallets, N26 saw an opportunity to upgrade an industry to bring it up to speed with the modern world. It's tricky, though, because let's be honest: a lot of people can't imagine doing their banking any other way. People are touchy about their money. But just as Ekster is challenging people to reconsider what they should expect from their wallets, N26 is igniting a change in consumer behavior through modern, elegant and mobile solutions to daily finances.

This image features an iPhone in an Ekster iPhone case, placed face down on a table. Next to it, there is an Ekster Parliament wallet with the cards displayed through the card access feature. Both the phone and the wallet are place against a wooden background. To the right, there are two summer drinks on the table.

N26's story really struck a chord with us; there are definite parallels between our consumers, who value efficiency, innovation and security in their products. As N26 expands into different markets, including the United States, we wanted to announce this collaboration with an exciting product which is easy to integrate into your daily life.

Keep an eye out for N26 when it comes to you; we think it's only natural that you pair the world's slimmest wallet with a revolutionary new banking app, making your life easier.

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