Everything Important About Leather Patinas

One of the quickest ways to tell the quality of a leather is to look for it's patina. Characterized by a soft sheen, a patina is the almost indescribable quality that makes leather looked aged, lived-in, it tells a story. But what is a patina and why does it matter?

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What is Leather Patina?

Patina refers to the change that takes place over time to different materials. And while it can happen to wood, stone, or even metal, it is perhaps most desirable in leather. This is because the ability to form a patina is the true hallmark of high-quality leather.

A patina is merely the natural side effect of aging, so it’s no surprise that time is a key ingredient in producing our leather here at Ekster. Since we tan our leather naturally, without added chemicals, the leather can continue to age beautifully with use.

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Which Leathers Form the Best Patina?

Natural, vegetable-tanned leather, made from full-grain hides form the best patinas of any leather. This is because it is able to absorb things from its environment like light, heat, movement, and even the natural oils from your body. This allows for a soft sheen to form that adds personality and character to your leather good.

Full-grain, not to be confused with top-grain, leather is by far the highest quality leather available. Being made from the strongest part of the hide, it’s known to be the most durable and robust form of leather. Besides durability, full-grain leather is the most sought-after because of the attractive quality of the close grain pattern. This means it retains the natural markings of the hide, and thanks to the natural tanning process, it forms the best patina.

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The Perfect Modern Leather Wallet

We use our full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather to produce top-quality leather smart wallets. Designed for the 21st century with RFID protection, fast-card access, and precise mobile tracking, our leather wallets ooze old-world authenticity while giving you the modern amenities you need. Discover our range of modern leather wallets with bifold, vertical, and cardholder designs.

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