The Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

There’s an Ekster for everyone, and your dad’s no exception. This year, make his life a little easier with the fresh Ekster 3.0 collection. Read on to find out which Ekster will make for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

The Ekster 3.0 is our freshest offering, a collection which builds on our flagship wallets to give you even more options than before. With three different models and seven new colors, you're sure to find your dad's favorite.

Smart Father’s Day Gift Ideas


If your dad carries a lot of cards and likes a little cash on hand as well, the Parliament Wallet is a perfect option. It combines the elegance of traditional leather wallets with the trademark features of an Ekster, giving your dad all his cards at the push of a button.

The Parliament gives you a classic leather style with all the perks of a smart wallet.

Here’s why he’ll love it:

  • Fits all the contents of Dad’s wallet into a smaller, better-organized package to minimize bulk.
  • Built for quick access, cards are ejected and displayed at the click of a button.
  • RFID-blocking technology fends off data skimmers, eliminating the risk of credit card fraud.
  • Comes in 3 luxurious leather finishes: Vegan Leather, Vachetta Leather, and ECCO Sustainable Leather.

Slim, Leather Wallet for Dad


Even smaller in size than the Parliament! The Senate Cardholder is an ideal Father’s Day gift for the dad who only uses a few cards each day, without much use for coins. This is also a great gift for dads who like to stay up-to-date on trends; the Senate turns heads everywhere it's used. It's also got the card access feature for that Bond factor.

Senate Cardholder Wallet for Father’s Day


Our brand new Secretary Cardholder is our slimmest wallet yet, measuring in at a sleek 0.15 in. It's the perfect wallet for dad if he still carries cash and a few coins; it can also carry at least seven cards and still fit the 3.0 tracker comfortably.

Secretary Card Sleeve Wallet for Father’s Day

Pro-tip: pair any wallet with a 3.0 tracker card for a bundle discount. Dad will never lose his wallet again!

Best Father’s Day Gifts


The premium Aluminum Cardholder offers a sleek and durable carrying option. Whether he works construction or just likes the rugged aesthetic, this is a great wallet for Dad that will last him a lifetime. This next-level cardholder has room to hold over 12 cards comfortably.
Here’s why he’ll love it:
  • Fits maximum storage into a minimal frame with space for 12+ cards.
  • The patented ejection mechanism revolutionizes the way you access your cards, making it easier than ever.
  • The built-in RFID blocking layer fends off data skimmers and keeps your financial information safe.
  • Made from the same space-grade aluminum used by NASA, this wallet will last a lifetime.
  • Now available in a variety of different colors.

Cardholder Wallet for Dad


If your dad is up to date on all of the newest technology, the MagSafe Cardholder is a great Father’s Day gift. This phone wallet easily attaches to the back of any MagSafe compatible phone.

This is for the high-tech Dad who is up to date on all the newest inventions. A cardholder that attaches directly to the back of any MagSafe compatible phone.

Here’s why he’ll love it:

  • Physical wallets might soon be a thing of the past, but until then this lets him keep a couple of cards on hand just in case.
  • Ultra-minimal with space for 3+ cards and cash, he won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Strong auto-aligning magnets keep everything held in place.
  • Easy access to cards thanks to the convenient thumb slot.

MagSafe Dad Wallet


The Modular Bifold is perfect for the dad who likes to keep it classic and doesn’t care about the latest tech trends. This bifold is the perfect upgrade for his old, bulky Dad wallet.

A classic bifold wallet with an updated twist outperforms your Dad’s old wallet by a mile.

Here’s why he’ll love it:

  • Though classic-looking, the Modular Bifold keeps pockets slim and better organized.
  • The removable magnetic cardholder means he only has to carry what he really needs.
  • RFID protection for 8+ cards to keep his finances secured.
  • Made from sustainable Gold-rated leather that gets more beautiful over time.

Bifold Father’s Day Gift


If your dad works in an office or needs to take his work with him, a premium laptop sleeve makes for a great Father’s day gift. He will love the ease of being able to carry everything in one hand.

The perfect solution for organizing laptops and tablets, built to make your workday seamless and stress-free.

Here’s why he’ll love it:

  • Conveniently organize his cables, mouse, notebook, pens, and charger into a slim profile that reduces the bulk of his daily carry.
  • Protective microfiber padding keeps valuables protected.
  • Custom elastic storage and hidden pockets to perfectly organize everything for his day.
  • Made from sustainable, environmentally certified leather, so it’s good for Dad and good for the planet.

Laptop Sleeve Father’s Day Gift


Guys can be forgetful and lose things. We’ve created a solution to that with our Tracker Card that allows you to locate your wallet anywhere in the world.

The end-all solution for the lost wallet problem. The Tracker Card makes any accessory unlosable.

Here’s why he’ll love it:

  • Easily pairs with any smartphone to create a worldwide tracking solution for your wallet or any accessory you want to track.
  • Can be voiced-activated via Siri, Google Home, or Alexa for hands-free locating power.
  • The two-way ring feature means you can call your wallet with your phone or vice versa. Perfect for when a wallet is stuck between the couch cushions.

Tracker Card for Dad Wallet


Dad’s are world-renowned for carrying around way too many keys. This key holder organizes them all into a neat, silent stack making it one of the best Father’s Day gifts you can get your Dad.

Here’s why he’ll love it:

  • Keys are aligned into a stack that keeps them from poking through a pocket or jingling around.
  • Prevents keys from scratching other variables inside of pockets or bags.
  • Accessing keys has never been easier or more organized.
  • If James Bond had a key holder, this would be it.

Key Holder Father’s Day Gifts

Choose the Best Father’s Day Gift for Your Dad

Now that you’ve read our Father’s Day gift guide, you have everything you need to make your dad happy on his special day. Order your Father’s Day gift today and get it in time for Father’s Day!

Here’s why you'll both love it:

  • Your Ekster Wallets are designed for fast card access and total RFID protection in a slim and organized frame.
  • Tracker Cards give you worldwide trackability and make any wallet unlosable.

Can't figure out what to buy him? Then you can always give him the choice with an Ekster gift card!

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