10 Best Gifts for Brothers (As Annoying As They May Be)

Brothers are lifelong companions that we love and trust, even if they sometimes get on our nerves. But when it comes time to pick out a gift for your brother’s birthday or a holiday, it’s tough to select something that reflects your appreciation and respect.

You may not know much about what hobbies your brother enjoys or what clothes he wears, and you want to make sure that your gift doesn’t just end up sitting in a closet or tucked away in a drawer.

Let’s take the guesswork out of giving a great brotherly gift, so you can focus on more important things like spending time with the family you love when it matters most. Here are the ten best gifts for brothers, and some tips on deciding which one is best.

1. Phone Case With Add-Ons

Less than 80% of smartphone owners have a protective case to defend their pricey phones from damage. That means that there’s more than a one-in-five chance that your brother doesn’t have a phone case, making it the perfect choice for the next gift-giving opportunity.

If your brother likes to customize and modify his gear, you can toss in a magnetic folio or card-carrying case that will give him more flexibility for his everyday carry. Give him the option to personalize the case, and he’ll likely get way more use out of it down the line.

2. Front-Pocket Smart Wallet

If you’ve been paying attention to the Instagram everyday carry scene, you’ll notice that big, bulky wallets are nowhere to be found. If your brother’s wallet is looking more like a double-stuffed briefcase belonging to a frazzled public attorney, it’s time to get him the upgrade he deserves.

Find a sleek and stylish front-pocket wallet that looks and feels great no matter where it’s stored. Your bro will immediately fall in love with the intuitive design and leave that old wallet in the drawer for good. Be sure to select a style and color that fits his personality, and you’ve got a winner.

3. Tracker Card For Wallet

Perhaps your brother is a bit forgetful at times, and he needs a bit of help tracking down his lost wallet now and then. It happens to the best of us, so give him a gift that solves this real-world problem. Two out of every three people have lost their wallet or had it stolen, and it’s always a pain.

A tracker card is a simple, affordable, and effective gift that can slide into any wallet and tell you exactly where it was last detected on a Google Maps-style readout. He can activate it with voice recognition and charge it in the sun thanks to solar power batteries.

A lost wallet can be devastating for anyone. This is one gift that may end up saving your brother a lot of extra time and hassle, and he’ll be eternally grateful.

4. Classy Cash Clip

Is your brother all about minimalism and wants to cut down on the sheer volume of stuff in his life? That makes giving gifts harder—that is, unless you give him a money clip that lets him carry cash and cards at a low profile.

Money clips never go out of style, and the best quality clips are built to last years with timeless design. This is a more affordable gift that pairs well with something more substantial, so get creative.

5. Space-Grade Cardholder

Some brothers are deep into the sci-fi and cyberpunk aesthetic, and you can give a practical gift in line with those interests without making things too nerdy.

An aluminum cardholder made from high-grade materials is the perfect item to give your brother with aspirations for interstellar travel. It looks awesome, lasts forever, and he’ll actually use it on the daily.

Make sure the form matches the function, and pick a cardholder that stops RFID skimmers and other hackers from swiping your bro’s credit card data.

6. Classic Bi-Fold Wallet

Maybe your brother just graduated high school, and it’s time for him to ditch that velcro wallet he’s had since seventh grade? Maybe he just got his first “real job” in the “real world”?

There’s a time and a place for your first genuine leather bi-fold, and it’s here and now. Get him a classic wallet that will up his game as he begins a new phase of life.

7. High-Quality Key Tracker

It doesn’t matter how old he is, where he lives, or what he does for a living. Your brother is going to lose his keys at some point, and it’s going to suck. Give him a key tracker that he can rely on when disaster strikes, and he will thank you for years to come.

Is it the flashiest, most fun gift out there? Maybe not, but peace of mind is worth way more than that.

8. Next-Level Laptop Sleeve

Does your brother take his laptop everywhere he goes? Whether he’s going off to college, navigating city life for the first time, or moving into a new apartment, he’s going to need a laptop case that holds all his accessories and protects his valued computer.

He probably still uses the same flimsy laptop case he got years ago and doesn’t even know there’s a better alternative. This is one gift he’ll use every single day and make his life so much easier.

9. Compact Key Organizer

Some guys walk around with a ridiculous set of keys on their belts like a badge of honor, but when it comes time to open a door or the mailbox, they’ll fumble around for minutes at a time before finding the right one and moving forward.

If this sounds like a brother of yours, it may be time to get him a minimalist key organizer that helps him make more sense of his keys in any situation. This is a sleek and streamlined device that will save him a ton of time and come in handy when he least expects it.

10. Mix And Match Everyday Carry

If you reached the end of the list and you can’t bring yourself to pick just one of these amazing gifts, put together a personalized lineup of items that your brother will use for his everyday carry.

Is he a college student prone to losing his stuff on the weekends? Give him a wallet tracker card and a key tracker in one box, and he won’t have to go digging around for his belongings at the end of the night.

Is he a young professional in the city who wants to impress his clients and managers? Give him a laptop sleeve and a bifold wallet, so he’s prepared for anything.

Throw in some other personalized items of your choice, and you’ve got a gift your brother will never forget.


Whether your brother is older, younger, lives next door, or abroad, you owe him a great gift that he will deeply appreciate and use every day. You’re bound to find something on this list your brother will love, so take your pick and win sibling of the year.





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