Unique Gifts for Son-In-Law

Giving holiday gifts is no easy task. Especially for members of the family who you don’t have a close connection with. Distant aunts and uncles, your cousin who lives across the country, and yes, your son-in-law. You don’t know them too well, but you still need to get them a gift! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for your son in law to make the decision a little easier.

You may remember his name and have a vague idea of what he does for a living, but that’s not going to cut it when it comes time to get your son-in-law gifts for the holidays. It’s time to brainstorm some ideas that will actually show you care, even if you’re unclear on a few minor details.

Rather than taking a chance on a sweater or a pair of shoes that he may never wear, get your son-in-law something he’ll use every day and never leave on the shelf.

Here are the eight best gift ideas for son-in-laws that your son-in-law will love, and it may just bring you two closer than ever before!

Laptop Sleeve Gifts for Son In Law

1. All-in-One Laptop Sleeve

Does your son-in-law work day in and day out on a laptop like so many people in the 21st century? Even if his job doesn’t focus strictly on technology, there’s a good chance that his laptop is part of the daily routine and that he treats it with extreme care at all times.

To the modern man, the laptop is everything, generating income and providing a way to communicate with the world from one hub. It’s basically an extension of his body at this point, which is why you should give him the best laptop sleeve available.

What separates the best sleeves from the rest of the pack? Most of all, it’s about quality materials—top-quality leather with a soft microfiber lining, nothing less. The sleeve should also have plenty of compartments and holders for cables, chargers, and everything else.

2. The Smart Wallet from the Future

There’s a decent chance that your son in law is into new technology. Whether it’s the newest Tesla model or a smart accessory from Apple, it’s something most guys have their eye on! Every man wants to add to his collection of futuristic tech, even if it’s just a minor upgrade from the gear of the past.

If you want to give him a high-tech gift without breaking the bank, look into giving him a smart wallet with a ton of next-generation features. He will love the quick-trigger mechanism that fans out his cards and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with RFID-blocking technology.

Plus, the best smart wallets still maintain that classic leather exterior, so you get the best of both worlds, future and past. Find a color scheme and feature set that speaks to you, and your son-in-law will fully appreciate the gesture.

Key Holder Gift Ideas for Son in Law

3. Simplified Key Holder

It seems to be a law of nature that the older a man becomes, the more keys seem to magically appear on his keychain and in his pockets. It’s sort of like growing a beard—the keychain gets longer, bulkier, and more tangled with each passing year!

If this sounds like a familiar situation for your son-in-law, it’s time to give him a gift that streamlines and simplifies his key organizational strategy.

A great minimalist key holder will transform a tangled mess of a keychain or lanyard into something James Bond would receive from his brainy tech team back at headquarters. It will allow for one-handed access to any key, which can’t be said for the average keychain.

4. Bold Leather Bifold Wallet

Is your son-in-law someone who likes to keep things classic and doesn’t care much for the latest tech trends? Or maybe he’s someone who prefers traditional styles to the space-age stuff we see today. In that case, an old-school leather bifold wallet will make for great son-in-law gifts.

The beauty of a bifold is the sheer volume it can hold. We’re talking over a dozen bills and 10+ cards without feeling too bulky in the back pocket.

A bifold made from top-tier leather will also gain a ton of character as it ages, becoming more flexible and soft while maintaining that classic look. This is a gift that your son-in-law will literally never let leave his sight from this day forth.

5. Wallet Tracker For Worst-Case Scenarios

You put a lot of trust in your son-in-law, and he’s the one who is responsible for the future of your family! It’s a big deal, but even the people we trust the most make minor mistakes sometimes, like losing a wallet.

No matter who you are, a misplaced wallet is one of those inevitable things in life. It could drop into a couch cushion at a friend’s place, fall between the booths at a steakhouse, or even slip out of a back pocket in the middle of a massive parking lot. What now?

Instead of replacing the wallet from scratch, give your son-in-law the superhuman ability to track his wallet from anywhere on earth with a wallet tracker helping him locate it with no sweat off his brow.

If—and when—he does eventually lose his wallet, he can find it quickly, and you’ll be the one to get the phone call of gratitude when it all works out for the better!

iPhone Gifts for Son in Law

6. Customizable iPhone Case

Your son-in-law probably isn’t dropping his phone left and right like a middle schooler running to catch the bus, but everyone gets butterfingers now and then, and a bit of extra protection never hurts. If kids are involved, this is doubly true.

A great iPhone case can end up saving someone hundreds of dollars, so if your son-in-law is walking around without one, it’s time to remedy the situation.

It’s only a matter of time before that iPhone goes plummeting to the cold, hard ground, and your thoughtful gift will be there to save the day. Plus, you can throw in some cool attachments like a folio or card carrier to make the case more useful.

7. Cash Clip For Everyday Use

Maybe you only want to spend a few bucks on a gift for son-in-laws to let them to let your son-in-law know that you’re thinking about him. Even a small gesture like this can go a long way, so don’t underestimate it.

A money clip is a perfect gift for this exact situation. It shows that you care, it doesn’t assume too much, and it’s something he’ll actually use as part of his everyday carry. If you’re fresh out of gift ideas for the holidays, you can always squeeze a few bills in the clip to sweeten things up!

Cardholder Gifts for Son in Law

8. Tough-as-Nails Aluminum Cardholder

Maybe your son-in-law loves the rugged construction of pickup trucks, fast cars, and all things tough. If so, consider giving him a rock-solid aluminum cardholder that fits his aesthetic.

Find a super-slim cardholder made from military-grade materials, and your son-in-law will find something to love about it in no time. This is a great gift if he works a tough physical job or just appreciates a sleeker, steely look to his gear.

Gift Ideas for Son-in-Law Concluded

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to picking out gifts for son-in-law. Make the right call, and it could even strengthen the marriage!

With our selections here, you really can’t go wrong. Narrow it down to one or two items, and you will become the in-laws that he loves the most. And for the easiest option, just grab him an Ekster gift card!


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