How To Find Your Lost Keys

Is finding your keys a daily struggle? Are you stuck constantly wondering how to find your lost keys? For some reason, our most used things - keys and wallets - are always at the top of the lost list. And unlike other daily items, losing your keys (and not being able to find them) is a true nightmare. Calling the locksmith to get new keys, changing your locks, and worrying whether this might lead to a break-in are just a few of the most serious problems that can arise from one little misstep. Your most important accessory is small and easy to lose, but there are steps you can take before and after they go missing to find them quickly or prevent you from losing them in the first place.


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    1. Finding your keys by retracing your steps

      You’ve heard this one before, but we will say it again: time to retrace your steps. And while this may be a time-consuming endeavor, depending on how far you’ve come since losing your keys, it’s better to exhaust every option before giving up and calling the locksmith. Finding your keys this way can be super simple: think of the last place you had your keys and start from there, picking your way through all the places it could have been. If you were walking down the street, check tufts of grass, storm drains, and other likely places it could have fallen.

        2. How to find your keys in common places

          Some researchers theorize that small, commonly used lost items tend to be within 18 inches of their designated spot and just gone a little off course. If you come home from the bar and toss your keys into the basket where you normally keep them, a little extra bounce might have sent them behind the entry table. After exhausting the 18-inch rule, try looking in common places. The most common places for finding your keys are in pockets of jackets or jeans, in purses or bags you only use on special occasions, and of course, behind couch cushions.

            3. How to find your keys with a Smart Key Finder

              In a day and age where you can track virtually everything, getting a smart key finder for your most losable item is probably the way to go. Ekster’s Key Tracker (powered by Chipolo) is one of the most exact smart key finders on the market and pairs easily with any iOS or Android phone. Simply attach the Key Tracker to your Magnetic Key Ring, pair it with your phone, and now you can find your keys on a map whenever you want. The tracker is ultra-precise and has long battery life. Plus, you can receive separation alerts so if you’re about to leave your keys behind, your phone lets you know.

                4. Finding your keys in cluttered areas

                When trying to figure out how to find your lost keys, researchers have found that the human eye is most likely drawn to cleaner locations because our eyes want to focus on the easy bits. Obviously, it would be handy if your keys were lying in the middle of a clean, empty table, but this usually isn’t the case. You can take steps to avoid this by decluttering areas or adding some organizational tools into places that seem to gather lots of stuff, like the entry room table or closet. But if your keys are already gone, start cleaning up the place with the most clutter - this way you’re reorganizing and finding your keys at the same time.

                  5. Prevention is the best solution for finding your keys

                    As usual, it’s better to prevent something from happening instead of letting it happen. As mentioned above, one way you can prevent this is by reorganizing cluttered areas of the house so that finding your keys is easier when it happens. Another way is to equip your keychain with a key tracker device so finding your keys is as easy as looking at a map.

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                    Losing and finding your keys is a costly nightmare that is better avoided. By investing in a smart key finder, you’re spending a little money now to save a lot of money in the long run, since the cost of new locks and keys can be in the hundreds. Not to mention the potential loss if someone finds your lost keys and uses them to break in. Ekster’s Key Tracker is incredibly precise, small enough to fit on most keychains, and comes equipped with smart features like separation alerts and an LED light for unlocking in dark places. Join the growing team of stress-free key owners that never have to worry about how to find lost keys and get your Ekster Key Tracker today.




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