How We Perfected the Trigger Wallet

We’re inundated with new gadgets and gizmos meant to make life easier or take the work out of annoying activities, but many don’t live up to their claims and end up becoming another plastic mishap living at the back of your closet. Think of as seen on TV, “chop it all”, blades or even Google Glass, which promised to be the newest revolution in technological eyewear but ended up being a huge flop. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the greats from the duds, but when we say we perfected the trigger wallet, we have the proof to back it up.




What is a Trigger Wallet?

Trigger wallets, also known as pop-up card wallets or fast-card access wallets, are the newest evolution in modern wallet design. These wallets are characterized by a new way of accessing the contents of your wallet, whereby you can use a “trigger”, usually a button, that when pressed releases cards in a staggered fashion. These wallets solve the problem of trying to dislodge cards from tiny leather pockets, unable to see the contents of your wallet, making it easier than ever to glide through checkout.

Trigger wallets also usually have a minimalist design, trading the traditional bifold design for a slimmer, vertical style. Cards are stored inside the inner cavity and can be accessed using the thumb trigger. Some styles, like the Parliament, also have a leather folio that provides more space for extra cards and cash, while others, like the Aluminum Cardholder, have just the inner cavity and expandable backplate for extra space.




Which type of Trigger Wallet is best?

As with any new product evolution, brands are popping up all over the place promising the most reliable trigger wallet. Many take minimalism to the extreme, consisting of just a plain aluminum or plastic cardholder that can fit somewhere from 1-8 cards. But when buying a trigger wallet, the quality of materials, production, and testing play a huge part in how well that wallet will serve you. Many people who invest in cheaper, knock-off trigger wallets experience malfunctions within the first weeks of owning, like cards popping out inside your pocket, cards getting stuck inside the wallet, or the trigger button breaking altogether.

At Ekster, we make all our trigger wallets out of the highest quality materials. Environmentally-certified full-grain leather, carbon fiber, and space-grade aluminum are our go-to materials for creating fast-access wallets that not only look good, but last for many years to come. Another big part of perfecting the trigger wallet was designing our patented ejection mechanism, a closely guarded secret. We make sure every wallet will function properly by stress testing the ejection mechanism hundreds of times in our factories.




The Top-Rated Trigger Wallet

Our trigger wallets are top-rated by customers and media sources all over the globe. Forbes called us, “the most successful smart wallet brand in the world”, and also said, “Ekster makes some of the coolest trigger-action wallets on the market”. Besides that, our slim wallets are backed by over 20,000 five-star reviews from our customers. You can try any of our slim trigger wallets for 45 days risk-free to see if this wallet revolution is for you.




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