Three years ago, our personal frustration with the lack of variety in the wallet market and the need to keep our cards & data secure were the driving factor behind the birth of Ekster®. We realised something: sometimes, enhancements that seem minimal and expensive upfront can actually help out a lot more in the long run. Down the line, these mini upgrades to your daily routine will significantly speed up your day. For us, this entailed switching to a more minimal quick access wallet.

Ekster wallets are visually stunning when seen for the first time, but we think one of the best features about them is perhaps what’s hidden inside. Our patented cardholder & easy card access mechanism set our wallets apart from the rest. A discreet and ergonomic button at the bottom of each wallet instantly releases the cards inside for quick and easy access when pushed. This feature is designed to speed up your daily routines and to eliminate the annoyance of fumbling through a bulky wallet. How many times have you stood in line with your hands full, just wishing there would be a more painless way to check out swiftly? We’ve crafted these features so inconspicuously that it remains the thinnest wallet on the market, a far cry from the bulky brick your grandfather used to have.

As innovative as the easy access mechanism was, we didn’t stop there, because the next part of modernizing everyday wallets was making them fully secure. That’s why each Ekster wallet has radio frequency identification protection (RFID) to ensure your cards are safe from fraud, which is becoming increasingly critical as data fraud continues to get more advanced Altogether, what this means for users is that they can have a modern easy access wallet that not only keeps their data safe but also makes accessing their cards much more efficient than it has been in approximately 70 years. Think about that for a minute. It’s been nearly a century since an item we use every day of our lives has gotten an upgrade! It's baffling to make sense of why it’s taken so long for wallets to undergo a modern makeover, but as Steve Job’s once famously said, “People don't know what they want until you show it to them.”

“It’s been nearly a century since an item we use everyday of our lives has gotten an upgrade!” - Richard Canneman

As mentioned earlier, Ekster's first "easy access wallet" was created three years ago out of pure frustration and an obsessive eye for detail. However, the history of the cardholder actually dates back further. In fact, it was something first designed by an Italian inventor back in 1987, who eventually withdrew his patent. Using some of his principals and improving on them, we created our own version of the cardholder and continue to tweak them through new editions, such as our latest 3.0 version. From the origins of the cardholder mechanism 30 years ago, we now have a men’s leather wallet with push button that secures data and can also speed up our daily lives.

In fact, the latest version of our upgraded wallet button has been ergonomically shaped to perfection and optimal durability. It's designed in such a way that the entire button is made up of one solid piece of hardware, eliminating any chances of jamming/breaking so your wallet won’t give out before you do. With our secret new inner coating and mechanism redesign, your cards will now eject just a tiny bit farther and more smoothly. It may seem like a small change but it has big impacts on the ease with which you can grab your cards. To top it all off, this newly designed RFID-blocking cardholder is made of fully anodized aluminium for a sleeker look and smoother action. With smoother card access and a fine-tuned mechanism, it promises that your cards are presented stylishly and efficiently every time.

For some people, all these features may seem a bit too advanced for an everyday item, but that’s precisely what we’ve strived for. We know that today’s consumers demand better products, crafted with care and instep with the modern world. We could never go back to a traditional wallet and encourage everyone to make the switch. It will help you determine which things are actually crucial on a daily basis and which items simply hold you back. We are here to amplify that positive impact, and in doing so contributing to the world's largest lost and found community.

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Here at Ekster, we're in the business of making your life easier.

We started with upgrading the traditional leather wallet, making it easier to use and harder to lose. Now, we're taking on the rest of your essentials to make each day easier for you.

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