Our slimmest, quickest, and most durable metal wallet to date is back with a whole new look designed just for her. Always crafted from space-grade aluminium, the new Metallic Edition Aluminum Cardholder comes in 3 glossy finishes that match with any tech accessory and fit perfectly into her wardrobe.


The Metallic Edition aluminum wallet features 3 glossy new finishes: Metallic Rose, Metallic Gold, and Metallic Silver, designed just for her. This is the perfect Mother's Day gift for the lady who exudes organization and effortless class.

We've also replaced the elastic cash band with one made from silicone. We opted for this material because it doesn't get dirty or stretch with time, is completely waterproof and still holds your cash perfectly in place.


This metal cardholder wallet is designed for easy, efficient access. Press the trigger and your cards fan out in a staggered fashion. This feature is designed to speed up your daily routine, eliminating the annoyance of fumbling through a bulky wallet.

How many times have you stood in line with your hands full, just wishing for a more painless way to check out? This is your answer.


All women (and some men) know the struggle of having tiny pockets or no pockets at all. Most wallets are so bulky they cause unseemly pocket bulge or have to be carried in a separate bag.

At only 0.29” thick, this metal wallet’s slim design fits discreetly into any pocket, no matter how small, and still has space for 12+ cards. Finally a wallet that fits in tight jeans.


Some accessories can be fragile, but a wallet isn’t one of them. The Metallic Edition Cardholders are made from the same ultra-durable space-grade 6061-T6 aluminum that can withstand the weight of an average car without denting.

Whether on your way to work, heading out to meet friends, or trying to squeeze in a quick session at the gym - you need products that move with you. Light, durable and high tech, this metal wallet will last you a lifetime.


Your wallet isn’t just an accessory, it’s your bank account, your ability to travel and your identity. Your wallet needs to have your back, even if you don’t know you’re being watched. That’s why we made these aluminum cardholders 100% RFID-secure, protecting your cards from skimmers who would steal your finances or identity.

Get 20% off the Metallic Edition now as part of our Mother's Day Sale.

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