New Release: Modular iPhone 12 Case

The future is here, and it’s right in your pocket. More and more digital payments are taking over and cash is disappearing, meaning many leave their house with just a phone in their pocket and a credit card stuffed in the back of their case. Since we make products to streamline your life, we knew the next step was combining two accessories that are already a pair: your phone and your wallet. Unlike our old iPhone cases, this new modular phone case can be stripped down or built up for whatever you need it to do using discrete magnet attachments.

The idea behind our new modular design is to allow you to build up or strip down your daily carry essentials depending on what you need. The magnetic folio attaches seamlessly to discrete yet robust magnets, tucking your phone away in a sleek little case that protects it from scratches and screen breakage. It also acts as a fully-fledged wallet with room for up to cards, cash and band bills.

Traveling light? Ditch the folio and slap on the magnetic cardholder. Fitting 4+ cards with extra space for cash, this is the perfect accessory for the minimalist traveler. The integrated magnet aligns seamlessly with our magnetic cardholder to store all your essentials and is strong enough to stay put during the craziest of adventures.

The base case is a functional beauty that works perfectly as an everyday phone holder with extra protection. The case is edged on the side to prevent your screen from coming in contact with any surface besides your fingers and avoid pesky scratches or breakage. The inside is lined with super-soft microfiber to keep your phone cozy and safe. All of this is wrapped up in beautiful, durable leather, tanned to last a lifetime.

Whether built up or stripped down the original case comes with hidden smart features that other phone cases just don’t provide. We know the struggle of changing SIM’s repurposing paper clips as reset pins and inevitably misplacing those pesky little cards. Our smart iPhone case was designed with all the base functionality a case deserves: extra space for a SIM card, reset pin and space for a little extra cash. It even doubles as a kickstand so you can enjoy your entertainment hands free when you’re on the go or just at home. When you’ve got everything you need with you, you never have to worry about where your life's taking you next.

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