In the past year we’ve joined forces with bag-specialist, Travelteq, to take our leather-coated tech accessories from wallets to travel bags and beyond. Just like us, their bags incorporate the timeless allure of quality leather goods and the innovative incorporation of smart features, bringing together the best of old-world craftsmanship and modern technology. We’re kicking off this new collaboration with a reliable companion for all occasions: The Weekender.


A collab for the ages

It was a no-brainer to team up with another Dutch Brand whose ethos and values are so similar to ours. Just like Ekster, Travelteq has an eye for everyday convenience that leads to intuitive, reliable and stylish products.

Our combined mission is to create beautifully designed, and entirely functional smart products to streamline your life, and here’s how:

  • A philosophy of innovative design: we take the old accessory you’re used to seeing and update, adapt and perfect it for the modern world.
  • A dedication to the best materials: Ekster and Travelteq only use the highest quality, sustainably sourced leather and materials for our products.
  • A mission to streamline everyday life: we create products that save you time, money and stress so you can focus on what’s important.

This is everything you can expect from the Weekender


A companion for all occasions

The Weekender combines a briefcase, weekend bag, and gym bag into one perfect vessel. In today's world, you need a bag that can take you from work to the gym and even off on a mini-vacation without breaking a sweat. The design is black on black with the unique Ekster x Travelteq logo.



The Weekender takes all the best parts of your backpack, gym bag and briefcase and combines them in one ultra-functional bag. Specialized compartments are intelligently integrated into the design to hold all essentials. There is a waterproof compartment on the bottom for dirty shoes or wet towels, an easy access padded laptop sleeve, and other hidden compartments for valuables or smart add-ons.



The Weekender is designed to to maximize use of space and avoid overstuffing, while ensuring the safety of all the belongings inside. There is enough space to hold everything you need for a weekend getaway without the feeling that you’re lugging around a suitcase. Magnetic closures and specialized pockets keep all your belongings organized for easy unpacking and repacking.



This bag may look fancy but it’s tougher than most, it feels as at home being thrown in the back of a trunk as it does in the overhead compartment of a first class flight. Made from durable cotton canvas with premium Vachetta leather accents that not only add a touch of class but reinforce the bag’s structural integrity.



Last but not least, the Weekender can be paired with smart add-ons like a tracker card or portable power bank. Everyone knows the feeling of getting off a flight only to realize your phone's battery won’t last you till the hotel. Or the feeling of accidentally forgetting your bag somewhere and not knowing how to track it down it down. The Tracker Card is here to provide 24/7 global traceability and the powerbank to charge all your tech during the long haul.


The Weekender will become your go to bag for everything, whether it’s a trip to the mountains or just another day at the office. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a bag that does the organizing for you!

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