The Best RFID Wallets for Women

Identity theft and hacking are more common than ever before and one of the best ways to prevent identity theft while you’re traveling is with an RFID-blocking wallet. Before deciding on your purchase, however, it is important to take a moment to consider what features you want out of your wallet. The best RFID blocking wallet for women is one that offers full protection while also offering features and functionality that match your aesthetic and lifestyle. Since RFID will work the same in most wallets, this isn’t the feature you need to spend the most time evaluating. Instead, pay close attention to the quality of materials and different features to find the best RFID women’s wallet for you.


RFID blocking wallet for women


RFID Wallets for Women: Do I Need One?

The term RFID has been floating around for a couple of years. Though most of us use some form of this technology every day, many still don’t quite understand what it is. RFID stands for “radio frequency identification”, and quite simply is a way for two devices to communicate wirelessly. RFID is the technology that allows for tap-and-go payments, most digital wallets like Apple Pay, and even some passports.

The RFID chip in your phone, credit card, or passport, is essentially a personal folder with all your data inside, and in the case of a credit or debit card, all your bank details, too. At this point, you may begin to see why this information falling into someone's hands could be dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are devices called skimmers that use illegal technology to read the information contained inside RFID chips. Once this information is obtained it can be used to break into your bank accounts or even steal your identity. And if you’re a woman, this is more likely to happen to you.

“Women are 26% more likely than men to be the victims of identity theft.” - Forbes

The only foolproof way to protect from RFID skimming is with an RFID blocking wallet for women. The best RFID wallets for women use high-quality metal to create a faraday cage around the cards held inside the wallet. Since radio waves cannot move through specific materials, such as metal, the RFID blocking wallet prevents wireless theft by blocking radio waves.


best RFID wallet for women

The Best RFID Blocking Wallet for Women: What to Look For

The best RFID blocking wallet for women is one that pairs protection and functionality with style and class. Nobody wants an ugly wallet, especially women, even if it does offer complete protection for your cards. Luckily, the RFID-blocking part of the design is the easiest and most consistent across all RFID wallets. The most important features to consider have to do with how the wallet performs and whether it matches your lifestyle and aesthetic.



woman removing card from slim RFID wallet


Slim Leather RFID Blocking Wallet for Women with Modern Features

The first popular RFID blocking women’s wallet style is the classic leather wallet. This design, called The Parliament, is a slim and modern take on the classic leather bifold that is elevated for the 21st century. This wallet offers RFID protection thanks to the inner aluminum cardholder. Place 1-6 cards inside the cardholder section for total protection, then other non-RFID cards and cash can be placed in the external pockets or under the cash strap.

What really sets this wallet apart from the rest are the modern features that make this modern wallet 21st-century proof:

    Fast-Card Access: cards placed in the inner aluminum cardholder can be accessed at the click of a button making it super convenient to take just the card you need.

    Full-grain Leather: this wallet is made with top-quality, environmentally-certified leather that is buttery smooth, immaculately tanned, and didn’t cause harm to make.

    Ultra-Slim Design: designed for slim carry, this ultra thin leather wallet offers all the space you need without adding bulk and can fit easily into small pockets and bags.



    women holding thin smart wallet



    Modern Aluminum Cardholder Wallet with RFID Blocking for Women

    If you’re interested in a more modern feel, the Aluminum Cardholder wallet is for you. This elegant yet sturdy metal wallet is made from space-grade aluminum and offers full RFID protection. Place 1-6 cards within the RFID-protected cardholder and carry non-RFID enabled cards, cash, and other contents in the expandable backstrap.

    Discover this aluminum cardholders’s unique features to see if it’s perfect for your lifestyle:

    Fast-Card Access: get all your cards at the click of a button for easy and convenient checkout, just press the thumb trigger, grab your card, and go.

    Space-grade Aluminum: this RFID wallet is made from the highest quality aluminum to last a lifetime - sturdy, yet elegant with a soft sheen.

    Slim and Organized: this wallet discourages receipt hoarding and effortlessly organizes the contents of your wallet so you can remove the stress from shopping.

    This gorgeous metal wallet comes in two elegant, feminine finishes that also match perfectly with your iPhone: Rose Gold and Normal Gold. Choose from 14 different distinctive colorways to find the perfect match for you!




    Conclusion: Why Every Woman Needs an RFID Wallet

    With the threat of identity theft looming large and the knowledge that it’s much more likely to happen to women, there’s no time to lose when it comes to protecting your personal and financial information. The easiest and safest way to prevent identity theft is an RFID-blocking wallet for women. And just because a wallet is marketed for protection, doesn’t mean that it can’t be pretty! Discover elegant and feminine styles that match your aesthetic and lifestyle, offer protection, and don’t break the bank. Shop now and get up to 20% off your next purchase.



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