The Best Wallets For the Modern Man

Every Man Needs a Good Wallet.

A good wallet can make all the difference when taking your daily carry to the next level. Even when you’re looking to leave the house every day with only the essentials, your wallet is one of those items that you can’t leave behind. However, it’s a pain to carry around a wallet that you don’t like. Low-quality wallets tend to be too bulky, look outdated, fall apart easily, and not blend well with your overall fashion sense and lifestyle. Don’t settle for a mediocre wallet that you don’t love! Instead, opt for one of Ekster’s innovative alternatives that are sure to take your confidence and the convenience of your daily carry up a notch.

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Why Invest in a High-Quality Wallet?

The modern man needs a good wallet for a few key reasons. First, it’s a fashion statement. A wallet is a functional accessory, meaning it can increase the aesthetic quality of your look while also serving a practical purpose. You don’t have to choose between form or function when it comes to a wallet. Instead, opt for a wallet that both looks great and meets the demands of fast-paced modern life.

Another reason you need a good wallet is for the sake of convenience and functionality. A quality wallet should give you easy access to your credit or debit card, ID, cash, and anything else you’ll need to make quick and easy payments throughout the day. Old-school bifold wallets tend to prioritize cash storage, which is not typically a big need for most men on a day-to-day basis. Plus, while the bifold design can be done right (case in point: the Modular Bifold by Ekster), it usually isn’t. Bifold wallets tend to be bigger than necessary and can be floppy and loose, making your important stuff too easy to lose.

Finally, a high-quality wallet means a reduced risk of loss and even protection from identity theft. Ekster’s wallets come with built-in RFID protection, which means your info is safe from the threat of skimming, a form of identity theft perpetrated by scanning RFID-equipped cards. In addition, each Ekster wallet can be equipped with a smart tracker card that allows for easy location of your wallet, whether it’s lost somewhere nearby or has disappeared or been stolen while you’ve been out and about. We’re here with the smartest wallet to make your life as easy as possible.

The Modular Bifold Wallet: A Classic Reinvented

Chances are, every wallet you’ve carried since you were a kid has been a bifold. Bifold wallets typically have dedicated slots for your ID, credit and debit cards, and receipts and coupons. Mainly, though, the bifold wallet design makes room for carrying cash. Most of you don’t likely need to bring a lot of bills with you on your daily journey to work or while traveling, so excess cash space in your wallet might just take up more pocket real estate than it’s worth. Plus, old-school bifold wallets tend to have unnecessary design features like extra pockets and inserts that end up making your wallet clunky and inconvenient to use.

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If you love the classic bifold design, you’re not alone. It’s stuck around this long for a reason. However, innovation is essential in a fast-changing world. This is why Ekster took the old-school bifold wallet design and updated it to meet the needs of the modern man. Ekster’s Modular bifold wallet looks pleasantly reminiscent of the wallet carried by men in generations before you, but it’s distinctly modern and minimalistic. With space for all the cash and cards you need to carry but no excessive frills or needless bulk, the Modular wallet is the bifold for the 21st century.

If you love the convenience of making contactless payments but worry about the risk of identity theft, the Modular bifold has you covered. Each card-carrying slot in the wallet is equipped with RFID-blocking technology, meaning your contactless cards are safe from skimmers.

When you’ve gone through the rigmarole of losing and searching for your wallet too many times, it gets tiring and frustrating. Luckily, the Modular bifold can be easily equipped with a tracker card that links with your smartphone. This means the days of fumbling around looking for your missing wallet are over, and that if it gets lost somewhere out of the house, you’re still able to locate it.

The Parliament Wallet: A New Design for a New Age

If you’re looking for a wallet that is a departure from the classic bifold design but has just as much reliability, the Parliament by Ekster is for you. With built-in RFID protection for your cards, a multipurpose strap that can be used for cash, and space for a tracker chip, the Parliament is a slim and stylish wallet with room for all the essentials.

Embracing minimalism in your daily carry means leaving the stuff you don’t really need at home. If minimalism is your goal, the Parliament is a perfect wallet for you. Light, compact, and made with the highest-quality materials, the Parliament wallet fits right into a minimalist lifestyle without compromising on looks or functionality. The primary appeal of minimalism is the idea that lightening your load and taking only what you need with you will make you happier and more fulfilled in the long run. The Parliament is the ideal wallet for any man who wants to stray a bit from tradition and move towards minimalism and essentialism.

The Senate Cardholder: Lightweight, Compact and Stylish

When you want to really get down to just taking the essentials with you, Ekster’s Senate Cardholder is the money-carrying mechanism for you. Like the Parliament, the Senate Cardholder breaks with the traditional wallet design in favor of a card-focused, modern and stylish format. Providing ample space for cards while taking up hardly any room in your pocket, the Senate doesn’t fool around— it’s a perfect alternative to traditional wallets while giving you even more functionality.

The Senate Cardholder has an external multipurpose strap that can hold either cards or extra cash, plus a pocket that can easily fit a tracker card. Like the Parliament, the main storage section in the Senate is perfect for storing cards, allowing for quick selection of the one you need with the push of a button. The metal button on the side of the Senate Cardholder pushes in to fan out your cards, making it easy to choose the card you need for the task at hand.

Choosing the Best Wallet for You

Some important considerations to make when choosing a wallet are your personal style, the contents of your daily carry, and the demands of your career and lifestyle. All of Ekster’s wallets offer a combination for form and function, style and substance. This means you don’t need to compromise no matter which Ekster wallet you choose.

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As you know, a good wallet says a lot about your fashion sense. One of the biggest reasons to invest in a high-quality wallet is to up your accessory game. If a specific wallet model catches your eye, that’s the one for you. You should be proud of your wallet— you carry it with you every day, after all.

If you’re working a fast-paced job, constantly traveling, or just looking for ways to upgrade your daily carry and make it more functional and convenient, Ekster has a wallet for you. Take advantage of the personal expression that comes in carrying a great wallet. It’s an accessory, a tool, a fashion statement, and a necessity for the modern man.


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