Thin Wallets are In, Bulky Wallets are Out

Do you suffer from a giant, ungainly wallet that takes up too much space in your pocket? Men’s wallets have undergone a huge transformation in the past several years with wallets getting slimmer and more minimalist than ever before. The bulky bifold of yesterday is quickly being replaced with more slim and streamlined wallets that make more sense for 21st-century needs. So if you’re looking for a simple and stylish way to have a more organized wallet for your everyday needs, read on to find out why thin wallets are in and thick wallets are out and where to get yours.

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What is the best thin wallet for men?

As an intelligent shopper, you’re always looking for the balance between style, quality, price, and durability. Your wallet needs to show off your unique style, match well with your other accessories, protect and prevent wireless theft, and last for a long time. This is why finding a thin wallet that hits all these sweet spots is so important. The best thin wallet will be between $60-$120, offers a minimalist design that encourages organization, and comes equipped with modern features like trackability and RFID protection. You’re here because you’re looking for the best of the best, so read on to discover what we are naming the best thin wallets for men.

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Where to buy a slim wallet for men?

If you’re looking for the perfect minimalist wallet brand, look no further. Ekster has been named the “most successful smart wallet brand in the world” by Forbes magazine and is backed by over 10,000 five-star customer reviews. Ekster is known for its revolutionary designs, indestructible materials, and variety of styles. This is the brand that brought you the first trackable slim leather wallet and was one of the first DTC brands to jump on the trigger wallet trend.

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Benefits of a thin wallet

A thin wallet has way more benefits than you probably think. Most obviously, thin wallets offer a minimalist design and take up less space than a normal bifold wallet. Ekster’s thin wallets are able to fit the same capacity of a leather bifold wallet into a fraction of the space, without stuffing or squishing any of your cards.

A less well-known benefit of the thin wallet is that it can actually help prevent back pain. When your wallet is thick, you most likely have to carry it in a back pocket in order to be comfortable, but sitting on this bulge every day can cause lasting damage. Over time sitting on a wallet can cause spine problems and even chronic back pain and sciatica. The only remedy is to buy a thin wallet that can be comfortably carried in your front pocket.

Person holding Ekster wallet with Wallet Tracker in other hand

What is a slim leather wallet?

When most people think of a leather wallet, they picture the classic bifold - a large inner cavity for bills with adjacent card slots on the inner folds. This wallet design makes sense for a world where cash is the dominant form of payment, but we all know that is no longer the case. Society as a whole is moving away from cash and towards card and digital payments predominantly. As this trend continues, it only makes sense that the wallet design evolves in tandem.

Slim leather wallets are designed to hold mainly cards with a little bit of cash. But there’s more. Ekster’s slim leather wallets also included fast-card access, making it easier than ever to access the contents of your wallets. Simply press the thumb trigger to release your cards in a smooth and staggered fashion so you can grab the one you want and go without having to dig through tight card slots. And if that wasn’t enough, this slim leather wallet also offers RFID protection so you never have to worry about wireless theft.

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Why do men love a thin leather wallet?

Men today don’t want to be burdened with a bunch of stuff when they move through the world, this is why there is such a trend toward minimalism in everyday carry essentials from wallets to bags and more. Thin leather wallets help keep your pockets and bag light while offering more protection and ease of use. What’s great is that Ekster designs thin leather wallets that embody the same classic style of a leather bifold wallet. Just because a wallet is slim and modern, doesn’t mean it has to look like a spaceship!

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Tips for choosing the best slim wallet

When it comes to choosing the best slim wallet you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, selecting a slim wallet that you will want to use every day and one that is made from high-quality materials so that it lasts for years to come. Here are some simple rules to live by when shopping for the best slim wallet.

  1. Check the materials
  2. Go for mid-range pricing
  3. Read about the brand’s design philosophy
  4. See what features are offered
  5. Pick one that matches your lifestyle
  6. Opt for brands with risk-free trial periods
  7. Choose one with the correct carry capacity for you

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Why you should get a slim wallet

If you’re ready to join the millions of men switching to the thin wallet lifestyle, we salute you. You can expect less back pain, more compliments, and a way easier time keeping everything organized. A thin wallet unlocks ease of moving through the world, without needing to worry about wireless theft, your wallet falling out of your back pocket, or an unsightly pocket bulge. Choose from one of Ekster’s many slim wallet styles in leather, aluminum, and carbon fiber. Act now and get access to our Father’s Day Sale where you can get up to 30% off your entire purchase!

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