Our team thrives on customer feedback and we are lucky to be able to communicate directly with our customers on many occasions to discuss their experiences. It is your feedback that has helped us grow to become the largest smart wallet brand worldwide, with a customer satisfaction rate of 4.8/5. Sometimes, people send us the funniest stories about their wallets and the whole team loves hearing them. Not only do these personal moments help us understand, design and improve our products, but they also brighten our days at the office. This week we decided to handpick some of the best customer stories we’ve received to share with you!

image of camera, earphones, passport and a handmade leather wallet


“You will never believe what happened. I was travelling from Paraguay to Miami to Atlanta to visit some family and friends near the holidays. When I got to Atlanta from Miami, I realized that I didn’t have my wallet! Immediately, I turned on the wallet tracker app on my phone to find out where the wallet was. Turns out, the wallet was still in Miami at the airport. Normally, I would have already given up on getting it back from an international airport, but I decided to see how the crowd GPS tracker card fared. I assumed someone must have stolen it, and I was excited at the prospect of catching the criminal. When I finally got back to Miami, I took out my phone and went to the last place where the wallet had appeared, gathering my courage to confront whoever had stolen it. As soon as I arrived, the app connected with my wallet, meaning it was in close vicinity. I started pressing the sound button, so the wallet would ring and immediately heard it through the din of bustling travels. I rushed towards the sound, heart-racing, only to find that my wallet had slipped behind a heater I had been leaning against. So much for catching a criminal!"

“Sleek, clean, just perfect.”

image of luxury leather wallet, with packaging included


When we design our leather wallets, we aren’t only thinking of style and comfort but about smart design. “I hate bulk and refused a normal bi-fold/tri-fold wallet.” Said Noah about trying to buy a new wallet, “I tried money clips or just keeping items in my back pocket only to lose them. With the Senate cardholder, I don’t have to worry about any of that.” The cardholder mechanism inside of every innovative Ekster smart wallet uses grip technology that allows your cards to slide in and out effortlessly when triggered by the ejector mechanism while protecting them from falling out if your wallet is jostled. “The cards stay snug, you can hold it upside down and shake it harder than James Bond’s martinis, and they won’t slip out. It also makes me feel like James Bond when I pay for things, I feel so cool popping the cards out. 10/10, highly recommend.” At Ekster we work tirelessly to make sure the quality of our wallet design, craftsmanship, style, and function are always on the same level. James Bond wouldn’t have settled for anything less, so neither do we! And this customer wasn’t the only who has compared our products to gadgets from 007’s briefcase. “Slick, stylish and functional, I love the feel of the leather and the extra pockets, not to mention the cool 007 card retractor.” (Joseph Falbo)

“The Ekster tracking device will save your life!”

image of a man's hand holding a crowd GPS tracker card


Who out there has lost or misplaced their new wallet before? The answer is - all of us. The best thing about Ekster’s luxury leather wallets isn’t the gorgeous exteriors but the smart technology hidden within. Sarah told us about how Ekster’s crowd GPS tracker card helps her keep track of her belongings. “I misplace my items all the time. Wallet, cards, keys, I can’t count how many times I’ve scrambled through the house on weekday mornings looking for these items while trying to rush out the door. Tracker has made it so easy with their audible alert.” The Ekster wallet tracker is easily hidden inside any of our handmade men’s leather wallets and links to your phone so that when you press a button, it will start to make a sound, meaning you can hear your wallet wherever it is! “I have had nothing but smooth mornings since purchasing the card for my wallet that connects to my phone. And the solar power charging: Y'all thought of it all!” Unlike other crowd GPS tracker cards, Ekster decided to design ours with solar panel charging technology, so you never have to worry about plugging in yet another device, or losing yet another cord. Just place your crowd GPS tracker card near a sunny window or even under a lamp for a couple hours and it will be charged for weeks!

“My wallet still gets lost sometimes, but now at least it can always be found.”

image of a handmade leather wallet, showcasing the craftsmanship of the leather


Will took the time to tell us how the slim design and wallet tracker technology inside our handmade leather wallets has affected his jet-setting lifestyle. “As a travel blogger, I’m always on the move. When hopping from airport to airport, keeping track of my photography gear, luggage and valuables can be a pain. Ekster is the perfect companion for all of my travels. Before I used to lose things constantly (and as a result, lose lots of time and money), but then Ekster came into my life. This powerful yet tiny wallet has a crowd GPS tracker card inside that lets you know where your wallet is by just using your phone, the app will even give you directions back to where you dropped it! I could never go back to the helpless feeling of losing my wallet somewhere on my travels, knowing I would never find it again. My wallet still gets lost sometimes, but now at least it can always be found.” Before we received this glowing review, Will Hunt (@explurban) decided to see how well the Ekster wallet tracker actually worked by hiding his wallet in some rocks on an Australian beach and seeing whether he could retrieve it using only his phone. Check out how our wallets fared here!

“This is my wallet for the future.”

image of a man holding a handmade men's leather wallet and a wallet tracker.


Jacob shared with us a story of how Ekster’s innovative wallet tracker helps save him stress and time in his daily life. “Once, I couldn’t find my wallet and thought I had left it at a store. The worst part was that I knew it had several hundred and my credit cards inside it. Instead of flying to the store, I pushed my Ekster app, and then pushed my tracker button and the GPS told me it was at my house! Whew, relief! Then I pressed the tracking sound button and looked around again and I could hear it in the master bathroom near my closet. The tracker is just a great benefit to a great wallet. I’ve seen several nice wallets since I purchased my Ekster wallet, but laugh because my wallet fits in my front pocket, carries all I need and it’s sleek with a cool leather colour. I love the ability to pop my cards up and put them back down. I don’t lose any cards and it’s everything I could have ever wanted in a wallet. They could have charged twice the amount they do and I would have purchased it! This is my wallet for the future, everyone (and I mean everyone) writes the name down and orders one! Some have even called it the James Bond of wallets. If you don’t have it, you should.”

As a company, we are nothing without our customers. We believe smart design comes from observing and understanding the minute details of our everyday lives: the movement of fingers, the feeling of leather. And the only way to get this information is from the people who use Ekster products in their day-to-day. So once again, thanks, from all of us here at Ekster, we couldn’t do it without you!

Have any suggestions or comments? Feel like being a part of our next ‘Customer Stories’ blog? Then leave us a message via our website reviews page, or on Google! We seriously can’t wait to hear from you.

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