Top 5 Features of the Best Carbon Fiber Wallet

Carbon fiber is one of the 21st century’s best material innovations, evident in the myriad of industries that have come to rely upon it. Professional cyclists, aerospace engineers, and car manufacturers all have something in common besides building dope machines, and carbon fiber is it. This modern metal is made from a weave of threads with one of the highest tensile strengths of all time and is stronger than steel but only a fraction of the weight. These qualities make carbon fiber the ideal material for a wallet so it remains lightweight but incredibly durable. Read on to discover the top 5 features of the best carbon fiber wallet.

best carbon fiber wallet

What is a carbon fiber wallet?

Carbon fiber wallets are the newest innovation in wallet design. Carbon fiber is known for being incredibly strong while also lightweight, making it popular for use in high-performance sports equipment like professional cycling. This metal has recently been used for wallets making them stronger and more lightweight than before.

Carbon fiber wallets are incredibly durable and have a minimalist design. Most carbon fiber wallets are vertical wallets, meaning cards are inserted on the top and can then be ejected for easy access. These wallets are also much slimmer and more compact than normal leather wallets, making them perfect for front pocket carry.

carbon fiber wallet for men

How to use a carbon fiber wallet

Carbon fiber wallets are designed differently from a normal bifold. Instead of having the main compartment for money with card slots on the side as an afterthought, carbon fiber wallets are card-focused. Since society is moving away from cash toward card and digital payments, modern wallet makers are increasingly designing wallets that make sense with this shift.

To use the Carbon Fiber Cardholder from Ekster simply insert your most used cards (maximum 6) into the cardholder and lightly press until they are all flush with the top of the cardholder. To access your cards just press the thumb trigger and they will be ejected in a smooth and staggered fashion for ultra-easy access.

carbon fiber wallet for men

Features of the best carbon fiber wallet

Carbon fiber wallets differ from normal wallets in almost every way except for their base function - to carry your cards and cash. Besides this, the two couldn’t be more different. Read on to discover the top 5 features of carbon fiber wallets that make them better than a leather bifold.

1. Minimalist

Carbon fiber wallets have a slim and minimalist design. This means you can easily carry them in your front pocket without generating that dreaded pocket bulge. Ditching a bulky wallet does more for you than just your look though, it can even prevent back pain. You may not have known, but sitting on a thick wallet in your back pocket every day can slowly cause back problems and even sciatica. This minimalist design also encourages organization so your wallet doesn’t become a trash collector.

2. Durable

Carbon fiber is a modern material that is known for being one of the most durable metals out there without becoming incredibly heavy. Carbon fiber wallets are incredibly durable and can really take a beating so you never have to worry about whether your wallet is going to quit before you do.

3. Stylish

Carbon fiber wallets offer a clean, modern aesthetic that fits with industrial vibes and matches other tech like iPhones. Because carbon fiber is technically a woven material, carbon fiber wallets can come in unique patterns that are created by the technique used to forge the metal. Because of their minimalist design, carbon fiber wallets are understated but unique, adding an extra oomph to your personal style without being distracting.

4. Modern

Carbon fiber wallets come with more modern features than other wallets because their design is focused on the future. You won’t be likely to find a leather bifold that can eject your cards at the click of a button and protect them from wireless theft. So if you are intereseted in a wallet that meets the needs of today, a carbon fiber wallet is for you.

5. RFID-protected

Last, but not least, carbon fiber wallets offer a fool-proof way to eliminate the possibility of wireless theft via RFID skimming. As mentioned above, this is when a scammer uses an unlicensed card-reading device to steal the information stored in RFID enabled cards that might be in your wallet. RFID protection gets rid of this possibility altogether and offers complete protection.

carbon fiber wallet for men

Best Carbon Fiber Wallet

The best carbon fiber wallet is the Carbon Fiber Cardholder by Ekster. This product has over 10,000 5-star reviews online and it’s no wonder - this thing is nearly indestructible, looks good, and works even better. For an extremely reasonable price, you get a security team for your cards, an easy-access option anytime you need to take something out of your wallet, and a more organized day-to-day life. Take advantage of our ongoing sale to get your Carbon Fiber Cardholder at a huge discount and try it risk-free for 45 days!

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