Top 6 Reviews of the Best Bifold Wallet

For hundreds of years people have left their houses in the morning with some item to carry what they needed for the day. And while we left drawstring leather pouches in the past a long time ago, the leather bifold wallet perseveres as one of the most popular everyday accessories. The best men’s bifold wallet has to carry (and hopefully protect) your cash and cards, but it should do so while expressing to the world your personal sense of style.

Like any item that must at once be functional and beautiful, the design behind the best bifold wallet has to be immaculate. And because most men don’t carry a purse, the best men’s bifold wallet has to be able to do a lot more with less space. Size also matters since nobody wants a huge bulge in their pants pocket or the risk of developing sciatica from sitting on a bulky bifold.

So before you buy, check out why 7 experts named the Black Modular Bifold as the best men’s bifold wallet.

Ekster bifold wallet with removable magnetic cardholder

1. Best Men’s Bifold Wallet - Ekster Modular Bifold Review by AllTheWallets

AlltheWallets calls the Modular Bifold the best men’s bifold wallet because of its premium look and feel, innovative design, and focus on green products. Since style is so important when choosing an accessory, especially one you will carry every single day, it’s no wonder that AllTheWallets calls our immaculately crafted Ekster Modular Bifold the best men’s bifold wallet.

“There’s no doubt that Ekster has done a great job of providing a wallet range that gives a high-quality all-round package and the Modular wallet is no different.” - AllTheWallets

Person's hands holding Ekster bifold wallet with removable magnetic cardholder

2. Most Innovative Bifold Wallet - Ekster Modular Wallet Review by Walletopia

Walletopia narrows in on how Ekster’s Modular Bifold Wallet is a 2 for 1. What seems like one wallet actually becomes two, thanks to the inner magnetic cardholder than can be added or removed for versatile carry. This innovative bifold design is one of the main reasons Walletopia names us the best bifold wallet.

“Using magnets, the Ekster Modular Secretary wallet provides a bifold with a detachable card wallet, enabling a 2 for 1 Ekster bifold wallet option for heavy or light carry options." - Walletopia

Person's hands holding Ekster Bifold wallet and removable magnetic cardholder to open door

3. The Bifold Reinvented - Ekster Modular Bifold Review by The Review Smiths

Unlike so many bifold designs, the Review Smiths call Ekster’s leather wallet “the bifold reinvented”. This is because of the innovative design that uses discrete magnets to allow for the inner cardholder to easily detach. It’s also because of our commitment to green materials, so you don’t have to feel bad about using leather.

“Constructed from top-grain leathers that are tanned under gold-rated environmental protocols using ECCO Leather’s new DriTan technology, this creates a minimal impact on the planet.” - The Review Smiths

Ekster Bifold wallet with removable magnetic cardholder

4. Best Bifold Wallet - Ekster Modular Bifold Review by Judge.Me

Known for their unbiased, customer review-based assessments, an endorsement from Judge.Me is a major plus for any brand. The compiled reviews from many Ekster customers come to the conclusion that the Modular Bifold is indeed the best bifold wallet. They mention in particular that this leather bifold is perfect for people who want to carry more without the extra bulk.

“With its removable magnetic cardholder, this modular bi-fold gives you the freedom to travel light and the ability to carry more than just the essentials. The perfect smart wallet for those who carry more.” - Judge.Me

Slim leather bifold from a side view

5. The Wallet of the Future - Ekster Modular Bifold Review by PayPath

Paypath says changing from a normal wallet to Ekster’s Modular Bifold is like going from a landline to a smartphone. They zero in on how this wallet of the future has the ability to fend off data theft and the ability to be tracked anywhere in the world. This basically eliminates the possibility of your wallet getting lost, or your data getting hacked.

“Their wallets come with RFID blocking technology and the ability to be tracked, making them safe from data theft and virtually unlosable.” - PayPath

Person's hands holding an iPhone with Chipolo tracking app and Ekster Bifold wallet with tracker card

6. The Best Smart Leather Bifold Wallet - Ekster Modular Bifold Review by Android Police

AndroidPolice names our Modular Bifold the best men’s bifold wallet for 2022 because we understand that the world is moving towards solely digital and mobile payments. Even though we need to hold cash sometimes (though less and less frequently), our wallets should reflect the changing payment atmosphere with additions like RFID protection and more card slots.

“The Ekster wallet has the added benefit of RFID protection, which will prevent your payment or identification cards from being read remotely. In a time where contactless cards are becoming the norm, this is a safety feature you just shouldn’t compromise on.”- Android Police

Person's hand removing a note from Ekster Bifold wallet

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