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As a woman, shopping for functional and stylish accessories can be a huge pain. Unlike in the men’s section, our clothes are usually either designed to look good or to work well, but rarely both. The nightmare of trying to fit everything into your tiny shoulder bag could be fixed by just carrying a backpack, but what’s a girl to do when she wants to dress fashionably without sacrificing functionality? Luckily, we’ve created slim cardholders for women that fit in small pockets and only take up a tiny space in your purse. Find out what other exclusive features make this the best cardholder for women.

slim card holder womens

Cardholder for Women: Why Women Need Slim Wallets

Let’s face it - women often get the short end of the stick when it comes to product design. Our clothes barely ever have pockets, and when pockets are present they’re too small to actually hold anything or are purely decorative. While there is plenty of functional women’s clothing, it’s most likely in the hiking section and rarely available in aesthetic or stylish designs. All this to say that finding a good way to carry everything you need without resorting to a huge purse is difficult. And this couldn’t be more true for women’s wallets.

With the very limited space that women have to accommodate everything they need to carry, it’s important to get rid of any extra bulk. A slim credit card holder wallet for women is the perfect way to minimize the size of your wallet and free up extra space in your purse or pocket without leaving anything behind.

slim card holder womens

Women’s Cardholder Wallet: Thumb Trigger for Fast and Easy Access

Is it just me or are most wallets designed for women huge and ungainly, covered in pockets and zippers? It’s like they expect us to carry around every receipt, gift card, and family photo we own just to go to the store. And even if this is your vibe, a women rarely needs to carry around all that on an average day.

Ekster’s best-selling slim cardholder wallet for women is designed with a modern feature that sets it apart from average wallets: fast-card access. Also known as a trigger wallet because of the thumb trigger, a fast-access wallet makes it easier and more convenient than ever to grab just the card you need without digging through tiny card pockets.

To access cards inside this slim clardholder, simply press the button thumb button and cards are ejected in a smooth and staggered fashion so you can see all the contents in your wallet without disrupting it’s organization. Fumbling at checkout is the worst and this wallet solves that problem forever.

This wallet style is also especially convenient for ladies with longer nails. Having your dream nail is totally worth it but can make certain finger movement more difficult. With the ejectable cards, you won’t need to struggle to remove any cards and stay rocking the best nails.

slim card holder womens

Slim Cardholder Women’s: Free Up Room in Purse and Pocket

I don’t need to tell you that freeing up space in your pockets and purse is something every woman thinks about. It’s been said that our pockets are ridiculously small or not there at all, and sometimes we want to carry small purses with little space! With a slim cardholder for women you can keep your tiny pockets and purses without worrying about whether your wallet will fit.

When you think about everything that needs to into a purse: makeup, wallet, keys, phone, sanitary products, and whatever else you personally need - the average size of women’s wallets seems pretty insane. The average women’s wallet is much bigger than a men’s wallet, but we’re struggling to find the reason why! Investing in a smaller and more durable wallet means you can free up important space in your pockets and purse while still being able to carry everything you need.

slim card holder womens

Conclusion: Save Big on the Best Cardholder Wallet for Ladies

If you’re sick of a big bulky wallet than doesn’t fit in your pockets and forces you to carry a bigger purse than you want, it might be time to switch to Ekster. We have the most extensive range of slim cardholder wallets for women available in many different colors, materials, and styles. Buy today and you can get up to 20% off your purchase and the ability to try any product risk-free for 45 days! Don’t forget to show off how you style your Ekster by tagging us @eksterwallets on Instagram.

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