What is a Tech Wallet & How Does it Work?

As a sleek and stylish wallet brand that prides itself on creating tech-enhanced products, Ekster has been at the forefront of the tech wallet revolution. In this blog post, we will explain what a tech wallet is, how it works, and why Ekster's Parliament Wallet and Aluminum Cardholder are two of the best high tech wallets on the market.


man's hands holding a leather tech wallet with tracker in one hand and an iPhone in the other


What is a Tech Wallet?

A tech wallet is a high-tech version of a traditional wallet. It typically features RFID blocking technology that prevents identity theft and digital pickpocketing. Additionally, some high tech wallets feature smart tracking systems that allow users to locate their wallet in case it is misplaced or lost. These features make tech wallets a great option for those who value both security and convenience.


man's hands holding a leather tech wallet with tracker


How Does a Tech Wallet Work?

The RFID blocking technology used in tech wallets is designed to prevent hackers from skimming sensitive information from the RFID chips embedded in credit cards and passports. These chips emit radio waves that can be intercepted by anyone with a skimming device. However, the RFID blocking technology in tech wallets prevents these radio waves from escaping, effectively blocking any attempt at skimming.

Smart tracking systems work by using Bluetooth technology to connect the wallet to a smartphone. This allows users to locate their wallet using the companion app, which will show the last known location of the wallet on a map. Some high tech wallets also feature a button on the wallet itself that can be pressed to ring the user's phone in case it is lost.



man's hands holding a leather tech wallet with tracker in one hand and an iPhone in the other


Slim, High Tech Wallets from Ekster

Ekster wallets are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Our collection of innovative high tech wallets incorporates cutting-edge technology to elevate your everyday carry. The slim design makes it easy to fit our wallets and card holders in your front pocket or small handbag, while the trackable features help you locate your misplaced wallet with ease. Below are some of our favorites.


Parliament Wallet

Ekster's Parliament Wallet is one of the best tech wallets on the market. It features RFID blocking technology that can prevent credit card skimming from up to 10 meters away. This means that users can feel safe and secure knowing that their sensitive information is protected at all times.

In addition to its security features, the Parliament Wallet is also incredibly stylish and functional. It is made from premium leather and features a slim design that can hold up to 12 cards. It also has a built-in aluminum cardholder with a quick-access card feature that can hold up to six cards, making it easy to access the cards you need without having to dig through your wallet.

The Parliament Wallet also features an integrated Tracker Card that uses Bluetooth and crowd GPS tracking technology to let you keep track of your wallet at all times. Locate your wallet on a map using the companion app, get separation alerts if you leave your wallet behind, and use the two-way ringing feature to find your phone using the tracker.



man's hands removing a card from an aluminum tech wallet with tracker



Aluminum Cardholder

Ekster's Aluminum Cardholder wallet is an exceptional tech wallet that stands out in the market due to its superior features and design. This wallet is an excellent choice for people who value style, functionality, and security. The aluminum construction provides a durable and lightweight design that ensures the wallet can withstand regular wear and tear.

Additionally, the wallet has RFID-blocking technology, which protects your cards from unauthorized scanning and protects your personal information. The wallet's design also allows for easy access to your cards, and its minimalist design means that it can fit comfortably in your pocket without adding bulk. Moreover, the wallet is compatible with Ekster's Tracker Card, which allows you to locate your wallet using a smartphone app if it is lost or stolen.

Overall, the Ekster aluminum cardholder wallet is a premium product that offers excellent value for money. With its sleek and minimalist design, robust construction, RFID-blocking technology, and tracking capabilities, this wallet is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-quality slim tech wallet that is both stylish and functional.



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Invest in a Tech Wallet Built to Last

Tech wallets are the modern-day solution for people who want to keep their financial information secure and organized while also staying stylish. They come equipped with a range of features such as RFID-blocking technology, GPS tracking, and multiple card slots to cater to the needs of today's tech-savvy individuals. Ekster's Parliament Wallet and Aluminum Cardholder are two great options for tech wallets, both offering superior quality, security, and convenience. The Parliament Wallet features a sleek leather design, and the Aluminum Cardholder is made with lightweight aluminum, making both wallets durable and stylish. With the added security features such as RFID-blocking technology and the option to add the Tracker Card, Ekster's high tech wallets provide an added layer of security and peace of mind. These wallets are an excellent investment for those who value their financial information and want to keep it safe in style.






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