Everything you need to know about the Aluminum Cardholder

The fastest wallet this side of the mississippi, a dashing yet durable companion, quicker than a switchblade: just a few ways to describe our Aluminum Cardholder. This RFID aluminum wallet is for the organized adventurer who needs their equipment to go as hard as they do.

One of the things we love to do as designers is experiment with new materials that allow us to do more.

After crafting vegan leather out of recycled car windshields, we wanted to see what other innovative materials out there could help us make the best wallets. What we discovered is a true and trusted alloy used by, wait for it, Nasa: space-grade aluminum. It’s the spider web of metals - ultra light but incredibly durable.

Dismantling the idea of wallet even further, we decided to build something even more minimalist that ditches the outside casing all together, giving you pure hardware.

When we heard the buzz about this aluminum we were impressed but needed to see the proof for ourselves. So we got a little creative in the testing studio. After successfully withstanding the force of various blunt objects, we took it the road to see how it stood up to a car. Shockingly, after driving over it several times there wasn’t a scratch or dent in sight. Jackpot.

An indestructible cardholder with an expandable backplate for extra room made entirely of rocketship-level aluminum.

Now, a lot of companies don’t build things that last forever, just take a look at the dominance of fast-fashion. But for us that didn’t make sense. While wallets are still very necessary for most people, we can see a point in the distant future where they may become obsolete. Online shopping, contactless payments and digital wallets all point towards the extinction of what we consider ‘a wallet’.

That’s why we wanted to make the last wallet ever. This bad boy will last you till the end of wallets, whether that’s in 20 years or 100. It could even become a family heirloom.

But it also needs to respond to the real needs of people right now.

The whole design centers around the patent fast-access cardholder that has become our hallmark, making it perfect for people who only carry cards and maybe a bill or two.

What is a cardholder? The idea is in the name - a wallet-replacement that focuses on holding cards instead of cash. But we wanted to make sure that our mens aluminum wallet also allows for cash and some other extras.

So we added an expandable backplate to allow for extra space while keeping the profile incredibly thin: less than half an inch thick with 6 cards inside.

In fact, it’s the fastest and thinnest cardholder yet.

Besides being streamlined for everyday life, we also wanted to make sure our cardholder offered protection, not just from wear-and-tear but also from loss and theft.

So many wallets don’t offer the security that their contents require - ID’s, credit cards, gym passes, all contain sensitive and personal data that, in the wrong hands, can be devastating.

This information can be stolen from cards that are RFID enabled, meaning they are contactless. People can use a machine similar to the ones at checkout to swipe the info from your cards without you knowing. This RFID aluminum wallet eliminates that possibility.

We also added a tracker card to make it unlosable.

Wallets with a Tracker Card inside can be located on a map using a special app on your phone. Finally a cardholder that looks after what’s inside it! The Tracker Card uses tiny solar panels to charge: 3 hours of sunshine equals 2 full months of charge.

We designed this cardholder to replace your current wallet and be the last cash and card related accessory you'll ever need. It'll last you till the end of wallets and look real good doing it.

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